Assisted Living: The Most Important Of Decisions

Assisted Living: The Most Important Of Decisions

January 14, 2017 Off By Dante Filyaw

The decision to move from one’s home into an assisted-living facility is one of the most important faced during a lifetime. The responsibility of ensuring that you or your loved one will not only be safe and well-cared for, but also happy, can be a heavy burden. However, it doesn’t have to be.

By taking the long view, asking questions, and conducting a thorough investigation into the facilities available, one can ensure that the move will be one that is not only in the best interests of those involved, but also one that makes them happy.

Understand Needs

Before conducting a search for nursing homes in Marietta, GA; Philadelphia, PA; or any location in the United States, ask yourself or your loved one a few simple questions. Does the resident require 24-hour-a-day care, just regular check-ins and light supervision, or perhaps something in between?

There are a number of ailments that can necessitate the need for round-the-clock monitoring and treatment by nurses and doctors, which residents can receive best in nursing homes with hospital-like atmospheres and resources.

Many Types Of Facilities

Even in more hospital-like facilities, residents will still have their own space, and in some cases their own room. Most will permit rooms to be decorated with personal belongings and many are set up so that couples can live together, even if one spouse requires constant medical care and the other doesn’t.

At the other end of the spectrum, some deciding to move into nursing homes may not have a medical need for more than regular check ups, which are available. Some seniors don’t like living alone in a home, or may be too frail to deal with clearing snow, cutting grass, or even regular house work. This doesn’t mean that the senior requires constant medical supervision.

All nursing homes employ staff that take of housekeeping and cooking, so that seniors don’t have to worry about tasks like cleaning and cooking, if they don’t want to. Many make kitchen facilities available so that seniors who wish to continue cooking, may do so.

If In Doubt, Ask

Carefully consider your needs, or the needs of your loved one. Do they require meals to be made for them, help bathing or using the restroom, or to be aided when dressing themselves? If you’re not sure, many assisted-living facilities will have social workers or others on staff that can help evaluate needs. Speaking to as many representatives of as many homes as possible will give the most comprehensive amount of information, allowing an informed decision to be made.

Most areas only have so many facilities. Asking family members or friends for their or their loved ones’ experiences with each also goes a long way to ensuring that a move to a nursing home is a good one. Another great source of information are current residents, many of whom will be happy to share their experiences if asked. If in doubt, ask, to avoid possible disappointment later.