Are You the Right Candidate for Dentures? – 6 Telltale Signs

Are You a Candidate for Dentures? | Stonebrook Family Dental

Dentures have existed for centuries as a method of repairing several lost teeth. Besides, luckily for you, dentures nowadays are nothing like those your grandparents might have worn and probably complained about. Contemporary dentures pomona are more natural-looking, efficient, and lasting than before, particularly when provided by a skilled dental specialist. However, as with other dental therapies, there is no one-size-fits-all. So, how can you assess if dentures are a good fit? Here is a checklist of the common reasons a dentist might suggest dentures.

You Have Several Missing Teeth

Dentures are typically a solution for individuals who are missing multiple teeth or a whole arch in the lower or upper jaw. There are two common types of dentures, namely partial and complete. Dentists place partial dentures together with the remaining natural teeth. In contrast, a complete denture replaces all the missing teeth.

Partial dentures can be fastened onto brackets secured to the remaining teeth. However, a complete denture must be secured in place, either with denture glue, natural suction, or dental implants.

You Have Shifting or Loose Teeth

You could have gum disease if your teeth feel loose or have shifted significantly. This disorder is reversible if treated early enough. Nevertheless, waiting for too long could result in tooth loss. As such, you might miss losing teeth, and the neighboring teeth end up shifting into the void. Dentures can be utilized to mitigate this issue.

You Are Conscious Of Your Smile

You should feel at ease smiling and laughing in all circumstances. Sadly, people with missing, damaged, or broken teeth typically conceal their smiles. You may instinctively conceal your lips whenever you laugh or be hesitant to smile in photographs. If this describes you, dentures could restore your smile. Replacing missing or broken teeth could increase your self-esteem, allowing you to grin and laugh without constraint.

You Have Swollen Gums

Gums that are swollen, sensitive, or bleeding are symptoms of other gum disorders, such as gingivitis. These conditions are the major reason for adult tooth loss. Gum disease might not always be a precursor to tooth loss and dentures. Unfortunately, if left untreated, it can result in tooth loss and other dangerous diseases that might require tooth restoration.

You Have Toothaches

Continuous toothaches may signal that the nerves at the center of your teeth are compromised by tooth decay. If identified early, you can salvage the teeth with fillings. However, a denturist could determine if the teeth must be extracted and replaced if the condition has progressed.

You Do Not Qualify for Dental Implants

Dental implants could provide additional support for dentures but are not always necessary. Some patients with several missing teeth are ineligible for dental implants due to health issues or other factors, such as age. Underage children and adolescents continue to develop underlying bones, which implants could damage. If you have periodontal disease, your dentist may consider a denture rather than implants.

It is always preferable to maintain your natural teeth whenever feasible. However, if you have multiple missing, severely fractured, damaged, or decaying teeth, dentures can help you regain appropriate form and function. All in all, you should always consult with a professional as they can best diagnose your unique concerns and determine if you qualify for dentures.

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