Alternative Medicine – Ayurvedic

Alternative medicines come in many forms and Ayurvedic is one of them. Many people have not heard of this healing medium as it only came to the fore in 1980 although the practice of Ayurvedic healing is said to be over 5000 years old.

Ayurvedic means life and knowledge. This ancient alternative healing system has been practiced in India for many years although there is now a tendency towards western style medicine in the main cities. But most of the population live in rural areas where it is estimated that 70% still use this form of healing.

The basics of Ayurvedic are broke down into three main categories and those are diet, herbs, and yoga. Certain authorities have warned that some of the herbs used could be poisonous, and there are a host of people saying that this form of alternative medicine is a rip off, and that if anyone should want to go down this route of alternative medicine is that they should double check what they are taking. Not being a scientist or a botanist I feel as though I do not have that sort of expertise to comment any further about the herbs used.

But again with all forms of alternative medicine there will always be people that will say that the unusual does not work although a lot of the websites I visited said that it was good for arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. A good point to push forward here would be to mention the fact that one of the more popular food supplements on the market today is Micro Phytoplankton which is nothing but a single cell alga, and who would have said ten years ago that we would be taking this type of food supplement on a daily basis.

Like a lot of alternative medicine cures Ayurvedic medicine is diet based which seems to be the modern trend and when you read all the reports on how diet based cures are having success it's no wonder that this type of alternative medicine is catching on.

Another thing I did notice about Ayurvedic medicine is that is based on a vegetarian diet which would be on the alkaline side rather than the acid contents of sugar based products and meat.

As for Rheumatoid arthritis that can leave people in such a bad way that they can become bed ridden and in so much pain I do believe from reading reports of them being cured through these diet related cures is a good thing. Perhaps modern medicine has a lot to learn although I do believe that some of the large drug companies have taken out patents on certain of the drugs that are used in Ayurvedic medicine, which to me tells me that there is something there otherwise they would not be taking such measures.