Aging and cerebral palsy-Guidelines for parents and families

People with cerebral palsy and their families can experience a range of overwhelming problems and consequences following ageing process. Recent research indicates that PWCP experience an increase pain, muscle and joint fatigue, depression and loneliness, and feelings of isolation as they age. However, research suggests that people with cerebral palsy and their families are in need for information about cerebral palsy and its ageing process. The needs for information have been identified in studies in developed countries but it is even more urgent for PWCP and their families in Arab region because culturally, families involves taking responsibility for all aspects of their children care at home and in the community.  In developed countries other resources, such as voluntary organisations and support from health and social care departments are available to help families in their role but these do not exist in most of developing countries including Arab region.  A meta-analysis was performed to summarize findings of intervention studies of ageing process of people with cerebral palsy. The information provided in this presentation about consequences of CP ageing will enable a better understanding of the need for support for people with disabilities including PWCP.  To translate the findings of this report into action, a detailed report of the recommendations drawn from the findings will be presented. Additionally, providing information about cerebral palsy and its ageing process reduces the depression and worries of people with cerebral palsy and their families.

This review paper highlight a number of important issues related to cerebral palsy ageing process and provides guidelines for people with cerebral palsy and their families of how to cope with the sequences of ageing and will allow parents to play their role effectively.  These guidelines will also inform policy makers, health and social professionals, service providers with important information to help them dealing with their clients ageing process issues.

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