Affordable Health Insurance Unemployed – Your Options If You Don't Have A Job

Who says that health insurance is tailored for those who have the means to pay for it? Now, there’s such a thing as affordable health insurance unemployed. In fact, you will find a lot of options in this type of health plan even if you don’t have a job. You can check on individual health insurance rates using various online and local venues. So if you’re unemployed at the moment, there’s no reason to worry about that anymore. You can still enjoy the health benefits that you had when you were still employed. Here are your options.

See what COBRA has in store for you. This Act which was launched in 1985, made it possible for unemployed individuals to enjoy the same health benefits they had with their previous group health plans. So if you don’t have a job at the moment, you may check if you’re indeed eligible for COBRA. You can do this by asking your former employer about these health benefits. Make sure you work on this right away. There’s a certain period of time for you to apply for your COBRA rights once you have been out of service.

You can also purchase short-term health insurance. Use what you’ve saved when you still have a job to pay for this one. You can use these affordable health insurance unemployed policies for the meantime, that is, while you’re seeking for work. There are those designed for six months to a year. These ones are ideal for those of you who are still actively seeking for greener pasture. You can get individual health insurance rates to check on what’s in store for you with this option.

You can also check health plan options using your state’s insurance department. There are states that offer affordable health insurance unemployed. What the insurance department will usually do is check on your family’s income capacity. Then they will offer you individual health insurance rates that will match your capacity to pay. There are low-cost coverage options that you can enjoy while you don’t have a job. Some may even come for free. Take advantage of getting covered with health benefits for your special needs.

You can also check individual health insurance rates using online means. There are companies accredited by the Better Business Bureau for this purpose. The good thing about this option is that you’re not just given affordable health insurance unemployed. You will also be given advice on the type of health plan that will suit your needs best. Plus, you can also compare what one company offers over those of others. You can request quote on insurance premiums free of charge.

Now, will you still say that affordable health insurance unemployed is far from reality? With all the great options specified above, there’s no reason to doubt that you still have the chance to get covered while you’re still looking for work. The rule of thumb in getting the best policy is to check on individual health insurance rates. For sure, you will find a health plan that is designed to match your needs.