Affordable Health Insurance – There is Competition For Your Insurance Dollar

January 16, 2017 Off By

Affordable health Insurance is possible for everyone. This is a fact in spite of rising insurance premiums.

However there is still a lot of competition for your insurance premium dollar. This should not be surprising as insurance companies account for a very large percentage of our total economy. Follow the money, they sure do.

You would never know this … all you see is rising premiums from your existing company. I am in the same boat as you are on this one. Here is the key.

You should switch companies every 2 years or so. Companies are very aggressive in getting new business and then raising your premiums in the years after you first sign up. They figure most are either too lazy to change or do not want to go through the hassle of getting a new policy.

They are right about it being a hassle to get a new insurance policy … the forms to fill out … the salespeople calling at home, usually at dinner time … wondering if your current doctor will accept the new policy. This is exactly what the insurance companies count on … the process of finding a new policy is just too much for most people.

If the process of switching policies was made simpler you would be able to save and save big by switching.

But what about being loyal to a certain insurance company? Ask the millions who have lost their pensions in the last 20 years about company loyalty.

What would it take to make switching companies easier?

First, I would like to find out what is available to me and my family without talking to a salesperson pushing only his or her products. I do not give out my phone number and can make my own decisions. I would like to see policy quotes from all the major companies. I want affordable health insurance and want to know who I am dealing with. I would not switch to save money unless I trusted the company. Fair enough.

Second, I want to know instantly whether or not my current doctor will accept the policy. If you have found a doctor you like and trust you need to know if switching insurance companies will mean finding another doctor. That would be a double hassle.

You can discover how much the insurance companies want your business in less than a minute.

Warning when you see what you have been wasting every month you may get very mad. Sorry … I am just the messenger.

Affordable health insurance is available to all, but all do not realize how easy it is to save big money.