Affordable Health Insurance – Don’t Pay Too Much

Affordable health insurance is available for anyone with a spare minute…that’s 60 seconds.

Health insurance is a necessity for families but it does not have to be that expensive. Health Insurance companies are doing great profit wise, but they are still competing for your insurance dollar.

Would you be interested if there was a way to get over 100 quotes, from top companies, without giving your phone number? That’s right over 100 policies, by only providing your age, gender, zip code, and whether or not you smoke. That’s it… no name…no address…and especially important no phone number.

We have used this free service for 8 years to get the lowest price possible for our health insurance.

Want to keep your current doctor? Good for you if you have found a good one. No problem, type in his or her name and it will tell you which of the 100 policies he or she will accept.

Last month we visited friends in California. He is a retired police officer. They are very fit and healthy and see their doctor once a year for a physical. They pay over $800 a month for insurance they get through the state. PERS I believe it is. 1 minute later they found many policies for less than $500 a month, accepted by their current doctor. They were mad at first then glad they checked.

Now that still seems expensive to me but it’s California. We pay $300 a month for our insurance in Arizona. We are older than they are as well. We have a high deductible policy…$5000. The highest deductible we found in California was only $2500.

Point being affordable health insurance is attainable due to competition. Most aren’t aware of the savings available to them, because they dislike dealing with sales people and being bothered at home. You don’t have to be bothered either.

Ready to see how much you can save?