Aerobic Exercise

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Regular exercise not only provides a healthy life but also keeps an individual from various ailments. Aerobatic exercise is a type of exercise which helps an individual to rejuvenate and energize his/her body for a long time. Here are the benefits provided by aerobic exercise:

The literary meaning of aerobic is “with oxygen”. This type of exercise provides an efficient and effective and steady flow of blood within the cellular system containing a high percentage of fresh oxygen with in it. When someone is taking aerobic exercise the heart rate and breathing rate increases. The muscle cells require a steady and smooth flow of oxygen which is very much required drug rehab delray beach for converting fats into energy. Although protein and glucose are treated as the main source of energy in our body combustion of fat can also provide energy with the help of adequate oxygen. We always try to loose fat from our body.

Some of the important aerobic exercises are:



Rowing machine


One common thing between these exercises is that it requires the movement of large muscles i.e. arms, legs, hips in our body. Such exercises help to breathe properly and deeply. As the bit rate of heart increases the requirement of excess oxygen is necessary. All blood vessels related to the respiratory system gets widen so that they deliver more and more oxygen to the particular muscles. At the same time waste materials i.e. carbon did oxide, lactic acid from muscles needs to be removed. Such exercises also increase the secretion of endorphins which acts as a natural pain killer.

Now days the doctors puts stress on aerobic exercises rather than traditional medicines. Some life threatening diseases like heart problem, diabetes, cancer can be cured up to some extent with the help of these exercises. There are lot more advantages of adopting aerobic exercise. These exercises are also helpful for the reduction of diseases related to coronary artery. Heart disease is responsible for most of the people. But aerobic exercises reduces the chance of heart attack, chances of stroke and tendency of high blood pressure Loosing weight is one of the better solutions of preventing type 2 diabetes. Aerobic exercises are very much helpful for the same.

Not only these benefits but also these exercises increase the stamina, stress management ability and improvement in sexual performance.

So finally it can be concluded that if you want to stay happy, healthy for long take aerobic exercise daily.