Advocate for Dogs – Take Care of Your Dog's Health

Loving and taking care of one's dog means time and effort spent on its health and happiness. There are various things one does for one's dog's health – cleaning the kennel and the house routinely, check ups with the vet, ensuring a constant and good diet; to these one should add flea and heartworm prevention. This treatment is vital to the comfort and health of one's dog. Advocate for Dogs comes as one of the most popular treatments.

Fleas and Heartworms and the inconvenience they can cause to your pet

If your dog has fleas and heartworm left untreated, that certainly means at some physical discomforts and highly likely some serious health problems later on. Fleas left untreated can lead to your dog's needing to scratch and bite its skin raw, leaving patches of skin open to secondary infection. It's no surprise – the itch the fleas cause can get worse, making some dogs wail because of the annoyance, and you may see them rubbing their backs against walls, fence posts, furniture, the ground. It's important to start and maintain a routine cleaning of the house, along with pet grooming. With these pet grooming and house cleaning activities, one should also add the need to select a reliable flea and heartworm treatment solution.

Ingredients in successful flea and heartworm prevention

Fipronil or Imidacloprid are the active ingredients of the most recommended flea preventive treatment in the market today. Some of the more affordable flea treatments contain Pyrethrin, which may be harmful to your pet. Look for flea solutions containing Fipronil or Imidacloprid. This kind of search you can do conveniently online, as there are various dog supply websites that details the ingredients of their flea treatment products. The ingredients are often listed with the product descriptions

You can address these two problems – both heartworms and fleas – with the most recommended heartworm preventives, which also contain ingredients that treat and control fleas. Look for heartworm treatments with Lufeneron and Milbemycin. Since most websites that carry these treatments list their product descriptions, you can often check for these ingredients as well. Another source are pet health magazines.

Flea and heartworm treatments – how to apply them

Flea and heartworm topical treatments often come in vials or tubes that are easy to use. Simply empty the entire contents of the vial or tube on the back of your dog's neck. As for heartworm preventives, most of these are to be taken by mouth and once a month. Some of them can be combined for pet food, some can be fed directly to most dogs owing to a flavored characteristic.

How your dog benefits from Advocate Flea Control for Dogs

Designed not just for effective treatment, Advocate is also an easy to apply topical treatment. It comes in a tube that's easy to apply and removes current parasitic infections – including fleas, heartworm, gastrointestinal worms, ear mites, demodex, and Sarcoptic Mange. Imagine, just one dose lasts a whole month. Since it's topical, there are no tablet to evenly cut and grind into your dog's food.

You can be sure that heartworm infection is also prevented. Moxidectin, one of its ingredients, dives into your pet's bloodstream after use. To be assured of heartworm infection, use Advocate on your dog on a regular basis.