Advantages of Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Depression

Ketamine Depression Treatment: How It Works, Research, Safety

Did you know that depression is among the major causes of disability globally? Depression is a serious mental health disorder that, if left untreated, leads to considerable complications, including suicidal thoughts and taking one’s life. If you are worried you are battling a depressive illness, it is recommendable that you schedule an immediate visit to a professional to help you effectively deal with the situation. Your Spring, TX Ketamine infusion clinic can help you take advantage of the FDA-approved anesthetic to battle depression and its many unwanted symptoms.

Ketamine has not always had a good reputation. Nonetheless, in the modern medical field, especially under reputable and experienced specialist hands, you can reap its many benefits as you strive to improve your mental health. Among the top advantages of ketamine infusion therapy in managing depression includes the following:

Fast results

Ketamine infusion delivers results within hours. This is critical, especially when depression includes suicidal thoughts. The quick response is attributed to the rapid glutamate increase stimulated by ketamine. Glutamate helps in restoring and strengthening vital neural connections and pathways most impaired by depression. The improved connection brings about beneficial changes in brain circuit function, alleviating depression symptoms.

Lasting symptoms remission

Conventional antidepressants require you to take them daily to keep depression symptoms in check. This can sometimes get tricky, such as when you are wrapped in your busy schedule, forgetting to get a refill or take the meds. Ketamine infusion therapy, while not a one-time cure for depressive illness, does not require such intake.

Ketamine stimulates certain beneficial brain changes, leading to lasting symptom relief and remission. A treatment cycle, dependent on the severity of the symptoms, can offer results spanning a few months. In acute cases, you may need a series of about six infusions spread over 2-3 weeks. This can be followed by booster infusion on an as-needed basis to keep the symptoms under control. Such lasting results mean no more worrying about forgetting a refill or daily pill, making it easier to lead an active and healthier life free of depressive symptoms.

High success rate

Antidepressants can help, but their efficacy is not that desirable. In some people, certain antidepressants stop working over some time, which makes it harder to keep depression under control. Ketamine offers a better success rate, and its efficacy hardly drops over the years. Many patients report considerable improvements and better results over the years, a success rate that continues to propel ketamine infusion’s popularity.

Fewer risks

It is not unusual for patients to abuse antidepressants. This comes with risks such as addiction and health dangers from the abuse, including kidney, liver, and cardiovascular disease. This beats the logic since concerns like addiction are a disorder in themselves, which also makes it harder to keep depression symptoms in check. The abuse and the health risks also impact the quality of life. A licensed and experienced specialist administers ketamine infusion therapy. This minimizes such risks, making it easier to manage depression.

Depression management is critical as you strive to lead an active, happier, and longer life. Ketamine infusion therapy could be the answer to the depressive illness you are battling. Contact Rejuvenate IV Therapy today for more on how ketamine infusion therapy can help.

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