Advantages of Group health insurance

Group health insurances are provided by employers. They are one of the ways to attract the creamy layer to one’s organization. The smarted and the brightest can be impressed with a great insurance plan. These group health insurances are meant for the benefit of the employees of the organization and their families.

The most important issue in providing the best health insurance for your employees is the cost. But it’s becoming easier to find your reasonably priced group health cover than you might possibly imagine. There are various health plans to select from. From comprehensive to consumer-directed plans, the list is endless. Most plans come at a discounted price and are shared by all the employees in the organization. Group covers are generally less expensive in comparison to individual health cover policies. Listed below are some of the major advantages of group health insurance;

For Employers

By saving the employees and their families from serious medical conditions, employers receive credit.

Tax Incentives: If health cover is presented as one of a component of employee’s compensation, the premium that is paid by the employer will be fully deductible.

Increased productivity: Employers will be astonished to see improved commitment of the workforce towards their job. Their increased productivity levels can be applauded. All this would not have happened if there was no sign of security from the employer.

Happy employees: Group health cover gives security to the employees. This lead to satisfaction. The employees can now work wit a clean mind without any issues of insurances. There is a sense of relief and satisfaction that his health along with his family’s health is taken care of.

Reduce Risks: A group health cover can help reduce organization’s liability and decrease risks.

For Employees:

There is a gamut of benefits that an employee can obtain through group health insurance cover.

Wide Coverage at lower price: Additional benefits such as mental care, dental care, and optical care can be purchased at a lower price. This is possible due to the increase in purchasing power through buying a group insurance cover. Cost of pregnancy is covered in group health insurance at a deducted cost. Whereas in individual insurance cost of pregnancy cannot be covered until special request. This may become too expensive. Benefits at lower premium are possible through group insurance.

Tax Benefits: The premiums paid by employer are not taxable. Whereas in the case of individual heath cover, the person will have to pay premiums after tax is deducted from his salary.

Lower Premium: Individual health premiums are larger compared to group health cover premiums.

Motivation: Health covers boost the morale of employees. It makes them feel at ease and trust the employer for his concern.