By Dr. Doris Laura PhD. : – Do we carry within us all of the information we need for optimal health? “Yes,” says “Adam,” who has demonstrated a highly-developed ability to interact with a person’s energy field (aura) and thereby evoke “the body’s amazing self-healing mechanisms.” And each one of us can do it. Adam’s unequivocal theme here is “Self-Empowerment.”
“It’s just physics,” explains this remarkable eighteen-year-old author and energy healer, crediting one of his mentors, Apollo 14 astronaut and quantum physics researcher, Edgar Mitchell, with providing him with an explanatory framework for his healing abilities. The universe works in mysterious ways, or¬ganizing the matrices of millions of human choices to manifest to the world the gift of an extraordinary healer such as Adam.

Consider the steps that were necessary. First, there was a space program. Then Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut, was transformed by the deep knowing that we all are the “stuff of stars” and dedicates his life to teaching this “noetic” way of knowing through the founding of The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). Then the celebrity space man and the handsome healer meet at a Vancouver meeting of IONS.

Hearing Mitchell’s talk on the quantum hologram as a possible mechanism by which humans intuitively access information from other dimensions, Adam excitedly sees uncanny similarities to what he experi¬ences as a healer. Together with additional mentoring from Qi Gong experts and other reputable healers, Adam acquires re¬newed confidence and begins his remarkable odyssey of indi¬vidual and group healings. Subsequently, he begins to share his gift with a larger audience with his autobiographical first book, DreamHealer: His Name is Adam, and through his workshops on healing.

Now, we are graced with a second book (and more to come) from this singularly-gifted young man. But what does Adam mean – “It’s just physics”? The Vancouver teenager sum¬marizes his interaction with the quantum field in his workshops and first book: “All particles are fundamentally connected to all other particles,” he notes.
“All information and knowledge is available in the field of quantum information. Every physical object emits its own quantum hologram. I can instantly connect to a person’s energy system, individually or in a group, by projecting his or her ho¬logram in front of me. I ‘go in’ and give the person’s body infor¬mation through intentionality and then manipulate the energy – loosen blockages, zap tumors – so that the person can find the way back to a healthy state.”

In his few short years as a practicing healer, Adam has been the conduit for hundreds of “miraculous” healings and personal transformations. Beginning with healing his mother of multiple sclerosis, then himself after a severe spinal injury from a fall, he broke into public awareness with his dramatic long-distance healing from inoperable pancreatic cancer of Ca¬nadian rock star, Ronnie Hawkins. In a recent follow-up phone interview from his home in Toronto, Rocker Hawkins said, “I am still cancer-free two years later. I can’t explain it but I don’t criticize what I don’t understand.”

In Canada, Adam’s reputation spread rapidly. A cable talk show featured the high school healer and several individu¬als who had been healed. Consequently, the Vancouver teenager was inundated with requests.

With a heart as big as his luminous, dark chocolate eyes, Adam was “amazed and overwhelmed by all of the suffering in the world.” He regretted having to turn down the parents of a 4-year-old with cancer because he had no time. Feeling an urgent need to help more people, he reasoned that perhaps he could heal more than one person a time and dis¬covered that group healings worked as well as individual treat¬ments.

Furthermore, it made no difference if he was working long distance (nonlocally) from a photograph or sitting next to the person in the same room. Then as he matured as a healer, he began to understand more fully his healing role as a teacher and facilitator: that, in fact, we are all self-healers; we simply need a “guide to self-empowerment.”
Adam and his family made themselves available to this writer for extensive interviews during two group-healing work¬shops in San Francisco and, subsequently, during the editing of this second book.

In person, the young Adam evokes a sense of ancient mysteries, packaged in a winsome personality, wrapped around a pure, unspoiled spirit. Six-foot plus, slender, with olive-fair complexion and slightly-curly dark brown hair, he moves with the easy grace of the athlete he is. His open, direct gaze, friendly slight smile and natural reserve create a compel¬ling charisma. In short, Adam is a “Babe.” (Genius need not be nerdy.)

Adam has been able to see auras (the energy field sur¬rounding all living things) for as long as he can remember, find¬ing the childhood game of “Hide and Seek” boring because he could see the auras of kids hiding behind trees. His baby pictures show a noticeable “V” on his forehead. “I’ve been told it’s the mark of a healer because it points to the third eye,” he says, tapping the space between his eyebrows, “which is what allows me to see auras. It has faded a lot but shows up when I get emo¬tional.”

Adam’s personable, typically-suburban parents were baffled and skeptical at first, yet cautiously supportive of their normal but atypical child. Observes Adam, “Fortunately my parents are rare and special spirits in that they came to accept my uniqueness and had the courage and wisdom to allow me to be me. For this I will always be grateful. Because of them, I have a better chance of reaching my potential.”
Interacting with Adam and his family is indeed to expe¬rience delightfully-healthy family dynamics. Mother is outgoing, vivacious, fun-loving – clearly having fostered good communi¬cation with her two teens (Adam and his younger sister) and providing careful but non-intrusive supervision.

At workshops, one notes the enormous respect between father and son – father listening attentively to his son’s words, always available to help with boundary decisions and facilitate workshop logistics – and Adam glancing over at his father for moral support when unusual questions arise.

This solid family support system helps to explain why Adam is, in other ways, such a normal, down-to-earth teenager. Unlike some individuals with highly-developed psychic abilities and rare talents, Adam is not eccentric, unbalanced, or out of touch with the practical routines of daily life: he plays tennis, he has a girlfriend, he goes out for pizza. Already at age eighteen, he has integrated his rare gift into a normal personality struc¬ture. His energy is such that people simply feel good, relaxed and comfortable around him.

Edgar Mitchell, scientist/astronaut-turned-mystic, de¬scribes his own personal experience with Adam and with the whole concept of energy healing – anecdotal, yes, but compel¬ling support for his theories of quantum energy information. “The story of my life,” says Mitchell, “is an account of being hit on the head with astonishing experiences, which drove me to find an explanation,” hence his dedication to “fringe” topics such as the science of consciousness as well as more mainstream physics research.

Mitchell was healed “energetically” of prostate cancer several years ago in a “group healing ceremony” by IONS board members. Then, as if he needed anymore head-knockers, he was diagnosed with a carcinoma on the kidney in early December of 2003. Doctors wanted to operate, but he declined and called his young Canadian mentee instead.

Adam worked “nonlocally” with his astronaut friend’s holographic image (projected in front of himself) for six months. Mitchell underwent no other treatments except his healthy diet, exercise regimen and meditation. After one month, a CT scan showed that the tumor was markedly reduced. This past June, six months later, the growth had disappeared.

“We are simply blinded by the limitations of our cur¬rent scientific paradigm,“ observes the sixth man to walk on the moon. “The most parsimonious explanation for my recovery is Adam’s energy-healing ability.” In these pages, Adam lets none of us off the hook regard¬ing our own healing abilities. Our wellness is first and foremost our personal responsibility. Working with a healer is always a participatory process, a two-way street.
Similarly, he is intent on convincing us that we all are DreamHealers—in effect, working himself out of a job. His en¬thusiasm fuels our motivation towards “self-empowerment.” His graphic step-by-step instructions show us how to activate the immune system and return body/mind/spirit to its natural bal¬ance and well-being.

“Eventually we’ll have a more complete scientific ex¬planation of abilities such as Adam’s [and our own],” Mitchell believes. “What we know so far about the subatomic realm and quantum holography is only the tip of the iceberg.”
And scientist Mitchell offers a word of caution: “One must be discerning in this field of energy healing. But Adam is for real; there is no fraud or delusion here. If you’re curious, look at the theories of the new physics, as well as the growing body of replicated studies on subtle energy effects. There is noth¬ing to fear and a great deal to learn.”

Doris Lora, Ph.D.
Los Angeles, California