A Natural Way to Detox Your Skin

Despite your skin being your largest organ, it relies heavily on your other organs to perform its functions. If your other organs are overworked or are performing poorly, your skin will be left looking dry and dull. If your skin is looking this way then your body is telling you that you need to take better care of it. A step towards resolving this issue is a skin detox.

To do undertake a skin detox program you need to avoid certain kinds of drinks and food, and opt for healthy choices instead. Eating fruits and vegetables, as well as a variety of nuts, seeds and whole grains is ideal.

Fruits that you can choose from include: apples; apricots; avocados; bananas; blackberries; blackcurrants; blueberries; cherries; chestnuts; clementines; currants; dates; figs; gooseberries; grapes; grapefruit; kiwifruit; lemons; limes; mandarins; mangoes; melons; nectarines; oranges; passion fruit; peaches; pears; pineapples; plums; pomegranates; raspberries; redcurrants; strawberries; tangerines; tomatoes.

Vegetables that you can choose from include: asparagus; aubergine; beetroot; broad beans; broccoli; brussels sprouts; cabbage; carrots; cauliflower; celery; cherry tomatoes; courgette; cress; cucumber; eggplant; gherkin; green beans; green pepper; haricot beans; leek; lettuce; marrow; onion; peas; parsnip; potato; pumpkin; radish; red pepper; rhubarb; runner beans; spinach; spring onions; swede; sweet corn; turnip; watercress; yellow pepper.

Eating plenty of these will put you well on your way to achieving great skin.

There are vitamins and supplements, as well, that help you achieve healthier looking skin. You can take things like milk thistle and flaxseed, which are known for their antioxidants, as well as probiotic products.

In terms of drinks, the most important thing to do is consume at least 8 large glasses of water per day, as this will help to flush the toxins from the pores of your skin, while simultaneously rehydrating it.

Be wary of drinks other than water, particularly those any sugar, caffeine or alcohol. Whilst you may think they will do you little harm, they contain various toxins and chemicals and will in fact be counteracting your good work. If you suddenly cut out your vices, without giving your body any warning, it’s less likely that you’ll be able to cope without them, so gradually reduce your intake of them a few days before starting your detox outright.

This is a perfectly safe way to perform a skin detox, though you shouldn’t stay on this plan for more than 14 days. However, many people use a short-term detox as a catalyst for a long-term healthier life; integrating some aspects of the detox (eating more fruit and vegetables, not smoking, taking vitamin supplements etc.) into their normal daily routine.

At the beginning of a skin detox (2-4 days after starting) you may experience some side-effects, such as: tiredness; headaches; nausea; cold-like symptoms; irritability; diarrhea; acne; hunger. These are a result of your body processing the stored up toxins before it can eliminate / excrete them, and are rarely more than uncomfortable.

The first results will be visible in the mirror almost immediately, and by the end of the program, your skin will look and feel much better.