A Healthy Diet

Dieting. Weight loss. Slim Down. Lose weight. All those are big buzz words, especially around the first of the year. I have never really followed a diet plan or at least one of the well known plans like Weight watchers, Jenny Craig and the like. When I wanted to lose weight after my kids were born, I tried the natural way, Eat less, Exercise More. It worked for me….for the most part. When the Shaklee Diet Plan called Cinch came out, I wanted to learn why it was different from the rest.

I had tried some shakes before and really didn’t like the taste or consistency. Some left a bad aftertaste. Cinch was and is different. The most important reason is the science behind the program. It is all natural and clinically proven to work. I like that about all the Shaklee products. The shakes and bars are filled with protein and fiber and all have a low glycemic index.The Shaklee Cinch diet uses Leucine a muscle burning amino acid that has been shown to help you retain your muscle mass while skimming off visceral fat and help you lose the inches you want. 

Shaklee found in their research that elite athletes and body builders often use leucine to help retain their muscle mass while they train and complete. Our metabolism works through our muscle mass so you want to retain that. But most diets, when you begin losing weight, you lose muscle, fat, water etc. So your weight may change but your metabolism changes, too. You reach your goal, you begin eating again and what happens? You begin to gain the weight back; you seem to not be able to eat as much as before you lost weight. Many often gain more than they had lost. That’s the Yo-Yo dieting cycle. With Shaklee Cinch, you retain that muscle and lose just fat and weight and inches.

One of the studies done with Cinch to help to prove its effectiveness was done at a YMCA. The participants worked out 3 times per week, including cardio and resistance training. Half the participants got a Cinch shake following their workout, half did not. After 6 months, the group using the Cinch shake following workouts gained 50% more muscle while losing 25% more weight. With only 3 shakes a day, these were the results. Then image what would happen it you used Cinch after each workout, 5-7 times per week.

Brad Lamm, an interventionist and frequent contributor to Dr Oz, wrote a book called Just 10 Pounds. In there he mentions using Cinch with some of his clients. He talks about developing a healthy relationship with food and making it for life. Starting with just 10 pounds can help you find continued success in weight loss.

Shaklee Diet plans in the past have been Slim Plan and I love Dieting, at least since I have been involved for the past 11 years. The improvements that Shaklee has done in their diet plan are really remarkable. And we don’t promote using this plan for just a short time. This  is a lifestyle change and adjustment. The Cinch plan includes protein packed shakes, snack and meal bars, energy green tea, supplements as well as a wonderful CinchWellness site where you can track your calories and activities, get recipes and tips from experts as well as support from others using Cinch also. To begin we often recommend 2 shakes per day, healthy snacks along with a nutritious dinner. But I always recommend that you fit Cinch into your life, don’t make your life fit into the Shaklee Diet. Many diets are unrealistic with the rules, the points, the special food to buy with no education on how to cook healthy yourself. Cinch is simple: Drink a protein packed delicious shake for breakfast and lunch ( or just breakfast or Lunch), eat a healthy snack of raw fruits and veggies or a Cinch snack bar when you are hungry and have a  nutritious dinner. Enjoy some Cinch energy tea instead of diet soda and fill in the gaps with powerful nutrients in the Cinch 3-in-1 boost supplements.
Grab and Go, Shake and drink, Move and move and you will see the results. You will enjoy the inches falling away and not miss those lost pounds.

And in the end the Shaklee diet products as well as all the other natural clinically proven products are 100% guaranteed. So if you don’t like them, the company will refund your money. It doesn’t happen often as we recommend you hook up with a Shaklee distributor who can help to match the products  with you that best suit your needs. If you need to cinch a few inches and lose a few pounds, connect with me while I make suggestions to help you turn in a direction of feeling and living better.