A Great Health Tip of the Day: Eat More Raw Foods!

Eat more raw foods!

When cooked the heat causes vitamins and enzymes present in food to denature. This means that the vitamins and enzymes loose their normal molecular shape and are far less able to effectively provide for the body’s metabolic nutritional requirements for smooth running. The same can be said about frozen foods. As you’d expect, the degree or severity to which the food is temperature treated; be it from cooking or deep freezing, or through industrial manufacturing processes, the less healthy it becomes. However, poaching or steaming is okay, since it does not denature the food.

Getting the right balance between vitamins and enzymes.

When a good healthy, wholesome natural diet, such as that found in raw food is eaten, the vitamins and enzymes present collectively split themselves up into performing two different vital tasks. The first task is for one lot of vitamins and enzymes to handle the digestion of the food. The second task for the remaining of vitamins and enzymes is to provide for the body’s metabolic requirements, that being growth, maintenance and repair. ‘This, in effect, is the overall balance between vitamins and enzymes in metabolism.

Junk food has very little or no vitamins and enzymes. When eaten, the body has to find vitamins and enzymes from somewhere in order to deal with its digestion. How does the body deal with this situation? It does it by using vitamins and enzymes from previously eaten food sources. However, this causes a deficiency and an out-of-balance between vitamins and enzymes.

This situation cannot go on indefinitely. If an individual continues to eat meal after meal of nutritionally deficient junk food, then the body will run out of reserves of vitamins and enzymes.

Then what happens? Digestion doesn’t take place. The food is not broken down. Consequently, the food matter just stays in clumps and clings to the gut while continuing to rot. As this situation continually happens month after month, year after year, the gut inflates like a balloon with more clumps of rotting matter, more blocks to the gut while the body degenerates.

Leaky gut syndrome soon occurs, where undigested food debris finds its way from the intestines and into the blood. The debris can lodge itself in muscles, joints or a number of organs… This causes inflammatory responses and is capable in a chronic state of causing some serious damage to the body’s cells or organs.

The trick here is to detoxify the body and start eating some good natural wholesome nutrition.