A Food Server Learned This Secret to Creating a Short Cut to Success and Wealth

Have you ever been a food server at a restaurant?

(“Food Server” is now the politically correct term for “waitress” or “waiter”.)

Every food server knows the expression “I’m in the weeds” which means your section suddenly fills up and you have so much to do that you can’t keep up – and you’re stressing!

I was a ‘food server’ in my early twenties before starting my own business.  It is very hard work!  When the restaurant was slammed and we were all running around like chickens with our heads cut off, I always noticed that my fellow food server (and friend) Tracy would remain calm.  She was never “in the weeds”.  Eventually, I realized her secret.

When her section began to get busy, she would politely enroll and delegate to the bus boys, another food server or even the manager.  Quite simply, she asked for help.  The result was her section ran smoothly, her customers were happy and she wasn’t a stressed out maniac… like me.

Even though I was an excellent food server, I found it difficult to ask for help.  I eventually realized that I viewed ‘asking for help’ as a sign of weakness – a demonstration that I wasn’t able to handle my job.  But by NOT asking, my section sometimes overwhelmed me which resulted in unhappy customers.  My personal feelings were getting in the way of achieving the goal of the restaurant – to have satisfied customers!

Now I can recognize when I need help – and so I ask for it!  I no longer view ‘needing help’ as a weakness.  There is no point in ‘going it alone’!  You can boost your career, your finances, your relationships or your health simply by asking for help.  Look for help wherever you can find it.  Your friends, bosses and associates may be very willing to give you time and advice. 

And don’t forget about books!  You can learn from great authors who are sharing their knowledge and experience to help you succeed.  There are also seminars and other learning events where you can ask direct questions to experts in their fields.  And don’t hesitate to ask if someone will mentor you.  Most people like to help.

Ask for support from your loved ones.  Let them know what you’re working toward and enroll them as your cheerleaders to reach your goals.

Ask to be held accountable by your best friend, your spouse or by hiring a personal trainer or life coach.

Ask for what you need emotionally in your relationships.  (Let’s face it, men cannot read your mind!) 

When in crisis, enroll your family to help.  In some circumstances, it’s best to ask for professional help.  Don’t hesitate.  Move forward!

It’s been written throughout all religions “Ask and it shall be given”.  So start asking for what you need and want TODAY.  It’s the secret ‘short-cut’ to attaining your dreams and goals.