A controversial medical treatment which has been known to overcome even sceptics

A controversial medical treatment which has been known to overcome even sceptics

I really don’t imagine in homeopathy, the different medical willpower pioneered by Samuel Hahnemann in the 19th century, which is centered on the basic principle of ‘like cures like’.

If you have a fever, a homeopath will prescribe for you a thing which, presented to a healthy human being would induce a fever. The dose approved, and usually infused in tiny sugar globules, is very diluted with a ratio of 1:100000000.

Sceptics, and I am one of them, pooh-pooh homeopathy and dismiss it as a placebo, the dosages approved remaining so diluted as to make them practically non-existent.

So I did not give any credence to homeopathy, and nonetheless do not. Then, quite a few yrs back in what was then Calcutta, I produced a continual sore throat, an extremely distressing issue which felt like I was swallowing damaged razor blades. I consulted a succession of medical doctors who ruled out tonsilitis and approved an array of strong antibiotics.

When these didn’t treatment me, allopathy shrugged its metaphoric shoulders and in influence washed its fingers of me. That is when a buddy, Ravi, advised I test homeopathy. I really don’t think in all that nonsense, I replied. You do not have to believe in it, you just try out it, explained Ravi. Okay, I explained, and full of cynicism and antibiotics I went to a homeopath who requested me all sorts of thoughts about my tastes, did I like strongly flavoured foods, did I have very hot baths even in summer time, and so on.

He despatched me absent with a packet of modest spherical pills, the initial dose of which I experienced that night. That night I experienced to rush to the loo fifty percent a dozen periods.

When knowledgeable about this the next early morning the homeopath was exultant. You are treated! he claimed. And I was. That was 35 years back and I’ve never experienced a sore throat considering that.

Lately I experienced a undesirable bout of colitis. Antibiotics had aspect outcomes worse than the ailment. I consulted a very advisable homeopath in Delhi around the telephone. She gave two sorts of tiny white golis to be had 3 situations a working day for two months.

And, as mysteriously as it had come, the colitis went absent in a few of weeks.

No, I really don’t believe in homeopathy. But, the good thing is, my body doesn’t think in my disbelief.



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