A cold case for temperature control packaging

It’s a mystery how perishables stay that cold for that long.

Los Angeles, CA- The introduction of CooLiner and GreenLiner Insulation materials has been well received by the perishables shipping industry. IPC’s thermal blankets, insulated containers and high performance insulated bags provide temperature protection for cold chain requirements during transit by keeping perishable and pharmaceutical cargo within temperature limits.

Box and pallet thermal liners have been in use for several years by a host of perishables shipping companies (chocolates, pharmaceutical, gourmet cheese and foods).  This industry has certainly changed since the days of Styrofoam.

Nevertheless, IPC’s thermal pallet cover has been shown to protect pallets of perishable and pharmaceutical cargo during transport by stabilizing the cargo temperature and shielding it from weather and temperature fluctuation, including rain and sunlight damage. The product is designed to provide cold chain integrity, and can be custom manufactured to be used with a variety of pallet sizes.

Insulated Pallet Covers- unique design

The thermal blankets are made out of a unique three layer material providing outstanding thermal insulation qualities: a reflective layer, and two layer plastic bubble layer.  The blanket can cover the entire pallet with an optional bottom piece. The cover simply fits on top and around all four sides and is secured on one side with adhesive tape.

Thermal pallet covers are used to help protect a wide variety of cargo that is susceptible to temperature fluctuations during transport such as flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, pharmaceuticals and hi-tech electrical products.

Air cargo shipping companies widely utilize thermal pallet covers to cover all temperature sensitive shipments as and when the shipment is accepted for transport up until delivery to the consignee at final destination. The blankets guarantee the cold chain to remain and ensure freshness and quality of perishable products in the most adverse weather conditions by insulating the cargo.

Insulated Products Corp continuously innovates the cold chain, the introduction of the thermal blankets being an example of this.

Commenting on the introduction of the thermal blankets, Will Faustino, Insulated Products Corp  Sales & Marketing said: “Airlines and logistics professionals are now recognizing that disposable thermal blankets are an ideal solution to closed chain shipping of controlled ambient cargo that has currently dominated.”

Faustino continued: “These reflective thermal blankets provide the means to offer customers a better and more efficient way to transport perishable goods by reducing the risk of the cargo being affected or damaged by extreme weather and temperature conditions from the time that the airline accepts delivery right up until the products are collected.”

IPC is experienced in developing and manufacturing a variety of insulated products for military, pharmaceutical, healthcare and logistics. The CooLiner insulating material provides high levels of thermal performance and resistance. The product line includes insulated pouches, insulated box liner, high performance box liners and refrigerant materials i.e. gel packs cold packs.

About Insulated Products Corp

As well as manufacturing a range of thermal bags, insulating covers and blankets, Insulated Products Corp, works closely with industrial to develop custom temperature control solutions.

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