A Better Way – A Review of a Minnesota Weight Loss Clinic

Do not give up on your weight loss goals just yet. A Minnesota weight loss clinic might just have the answer for you. When you join a Minnesota weight loss clinic, you will be given a fitness program to follow. If you have a friend with you, do not be surprised that you two have different programs. Fitness programs are customized because not everything works with everybody. With your customized fitness program, you can be assured that results will come your way. In as much as fitness programs are different, a Minnesota weight loss clinic almost always usually have a signature program or product that they use. An example of this is the A Better Way Health Center located in Edina, Minnesota.

This way to A Better Way

A preventive medical program, A Better Way Health Center is a Minnesota weight loss clinic that focuses on weight control by developing a healthy diet and exercise fitness program that you can permanently use. This way, whatever weight you will lose in the course of your fitness program will be kept lost. In addition to offering you a customized fitness program, you might also be subjected to phentermine medication.

What is phentermine?

Phentermine is a generic name. It is thought to currently have an effect on your hypothalamus, the part of your brain that is responsible for thirst, hunger, sleep, and arousal levels. By altering the neurotransmitters, phentermine can dramatically decrease your appetite levels and thus reduce your food intake. It is a sympathomimetic amine, legally prescribed by the United States Food and Drug Administration, that works as a weight loss supplement to those obese or clinically overweight and are participating in whatever form of program for weight control supervised by a physician. Apart from helping you follow a strict diet without feeling deprived (because you do not get hungry), it also creates the feeling of satiety (fullness) at smaller portions of food. You do not only eat less but you also learn to get used to smaller portions. Phentermine also can produce a mild increase in your metabolism and a certain degree of increased energy.

What does A Better Way offer?

The programs in A Better Way may be categorized as a personalized program for behavior-modification that focuses on dietary education plus coaching with problem solving. Every person individually meets up with the registered dietician and physician at each office visit. Going through your weight loss and diet history, areas with progress are reinforced while taking note of areas for improvement. While a part of a fitness program is to determine and change responses for environmental and emotional triggers leading to inappropriate eating, psychotherapy is not practiced. Compared to commercial programs for weight loss, A Better Way's programs are most similar to those of Weight-Watchers. Both programs give emphasis to education, a healthy diet, use of real food, and self-monitor. However, A Better Way's program does not include public weighing and mandated group discussions.

What's a typical visit to A Better Way like?

Each office visit will last around 30 minutes. In every visit, you register at a front desk and fill out a simple questionnaire. This questionnaire gathers information on your current diet, response to medication, level of physical activity, and a number of questions on your general health. You then privately meet with the registered dietician. The dietician checks your blood pressure and weight then reviews both according to your diet and progress. You may be given tips on what you can work on for the next month. After the dietician, you meet up with the physician. The physician also reviews your physical activity and diet while exploring how phentermine works for you. They will recommend any changes if necessary. Your prescription will be filled out and a date for your next appointment will be set. Afterwards, you can settle any payments at the front desk on your way out. Appointments are usually set on at least a monthly basis. If you wish to see them more often for any concerns, you can always set it up a different schedule.

A Better Way Health Center is just one Minnesota weight loss clinic that is available to you. Take note that a different Minnesota weight loss clinic will have a different program. Not all programs work the same way, so research on the different Minnesota weight loss clinics to find one that suits you best.