Fat, mainly fat around your waistline, increases your risk of some serious illnesses. Are you doing anything about it? Chances are, you’ve probably tried a bunch of things that were either to hard to implement or something that claimed you would lose a number of pounds in a number of days. But in order to really see results you have to understand that losing weight is a process and it does take time. If you are overweight and need a quick dose of motivation to lose the excess pounds I suggest you take a look at these 8 harmful effect of fat and what it can do to your body and lifestyle.

Losing weight may save your life.

Do you see yourself as a ticking time bomb ready to explode any day now? If heart disease, high blood pressure, or high triglycerides are common in your family or family history, then losing weight ca definitely change that. You can seriously cut your risk of having health problems by shedding a few extra pounds.

It’s not only you.

Can you believe that two-thirds of all Americans are overweight and that one-third of them are considered obese? Unfortunately this has created a wave of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), heart disease, heart-related deaths, strokes and diabetes. Also, many types of cancers have been related with obesity.

Don’t hurt your heart with fat.

With excess weight every major system in your body feels the stress. The heart ultimately becomes the victim. As cholesterol builds your blood pressure rises and your arteries get clogged. Also, the blood loses its ability to clot which increases your risk of stroke.

Fat will turn you into a guy!

When women become overweight they begin to have higher levels of male hormones, which increases their risk of heart disease. These hormones also cause male pattern balding, excess facial hair, and acne outbreaks.

Fat activates diabetes.

Whatever you do, DO NOT skip this piece of advice. The extra weight affects another hormone called insulin, which leads to diabetes. Having diabetes increases your heart disease risk and can turn into a vicious circle of life and death.

Fat takes your sleep away.

If your overweight chances are you often suffer from sleep disorders. The most dangerous is sleep apnea. With sleep apnea, you stop breathing many times during the night, which makes your oxygen level drop. When your oxygen levels drop it affects your heart, blood vessels and increase your stroke, and diabetes risk.

Fat destroys your hips and knees.

The total impact of excess weight on your lower body creates tons of problems. You’re risk of osteoporosis increase and you’ll develop hip and back problems.

Lose weight now.

A change in eating habits and exercise – this is what it takes to lose weight and decrease your risk of any diseases. You’ve got to commit to making lifestyle changes that fit into your daily routine. i won’t lie to you and say it will be easy, but it’s not that difficult either. it’s all about making that lifestyle change and having the discipline to consistently be focused on what you want to achieve.