7 Famous People who Achieved Fame and Fortune Because they Were Able to Use a special Faculty – their Third Eye

 7 Famous People who Achieved Fame and Fortune Because they Were Able to Use a special Faculty – their  Third Eye. 

By  Dennis Fisher.

Read these seven brief thumbnail sketches of the lives of famous people. They are examples of people who were able to achieve fame and fortune in spite of all difficulties encountered.

 What is  very interesting, is that although they achieved success in completely different fields, they all possessed the same unique quality.  They were able to look difficult situations in a way that was quite different to others

When most people come up against huge problems in their careers and in their lives, they see them as obstacles too difficult to overcome. But these famous successful people were always able to look at difficult situations and see hidden opportunities.

They were able to do this because they discovered how to use a special faculty many people possess, but few know how to use – their third eye. 

Read these brief outlines of the lives of the following seven famous people.  It will be obvious what an important part the ability to use the  third eye effectively plays in achieving success.  It can be justifiably called the X factor in success


This billionaire founder of Dell computers started building computers as a university student in 1984, from his room at University.  At the time, the marketing of computers involved manufacturers only selling to specialized computer stores.  These stores would them sell to customers at high prices.

Michael Dell recognized something that appeared to have escaped the attention of everyone else – the treason why computers were so expensive that only the wealthy could afford to buy them was, because of the way they were marketed.

He recognized the huge advantage of manufacturing computers himself and selling the end product directly to the consumer.  By cutting out the middleman, he was able to market a personal computer at a fraction of the cost as that supplied by conventional computer stores

As a result, he was able to bring down the cost of computers dramatically.  The demand for computers available at these reduced prices increased enormously.

Dell also recognized something else that that others that others had missed –  a huge demand existed for a computer designed for buyers’ individual requirement.  This was a completely novel approach.

 The foundation of Dell’s fortune was clearly his ability to look at situations in a different light to others.

Mike Parson, an English entrepreneur, was the founder of the remarkably successful Barchester Healthcare Organization in 1992.  His financial advisors advised him that they could see no commercial possibilities at all in providing healthcare for elderly people.  Parson however, saw the situation in a completely different light.  He recognized definite opportunities, not apparent to anyone else.

Mike Parson made a decision to go ahead with his venture, based on an inner feeling of certainty that the path he decided to choose was the correct one.  His decision proved correct. Growth in this company has been exceptional.  Turnover increased from seven million pounds to 408 million pounds in 2009.


Most people viewed hip—hop music as a passing fad.  Russell Simmons saw the situation in a completely different light. He recognized the huge potential of this form of music.  He was so confident that he was correct in his assessment of the situation, that he abandoned his studies at New York’s City College in order to start promoting rap music.  Together with Rick Rubin, in 1984 he started producing records and founded Def Jam records which proved a remarkable financial success.

It is an example of someone who was able to use a special skill to see things in a different light to anyone else; recognize opportunities that others missed and have the courage, confidence and energy to follow the path that the images he created in his mind directed him.   It is a typical example of someone, with the ability to use his “3rd eye” effectively.

Calvin Klein

Here are brief background details of the person who started the famous sportswear company, Calvin Klein, who achieved fame, success and great wealth as a result of his ability to see opportunities that were not visible to others and take advantage of them.

 His success was due, to a large extent, to his ability to visualize sportswear quite differently to the way it was viewed at the time. As a result, his name becomes synonymous with a unique style of simple, yet elegant sportswear. 

A great deal of his remarkable success can be attributed to his  brilliantly creative – quite often outrageous –an example of which is to be seen in one of his early television advertisements.  This highly successful advertisements featured the actress Brooke Shields in a pair of Calvin Klein designed jeans with the caption: “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins”

  Ray  Krok is the person who made the nam”McDonalds” synonymous with hamburgers all over the world.  An unusual feature of this remarkable entrepreneur was thsuccessful business career began when he was 52, an age when most men start thinking seriously of retirement. 

At the  time  he was working as milkshake maker salesman.  Intrigued by the amount of milkshakes sold by a small restaurant in San Bernardino in California, he visited the company, owned by two McDonald brothers. He found that apart from milkshakes they also sold an unusually large amount of hamburgers and  French fries.

The reason for this, he discovered, was due to their unique assembly line system of making the hamburgers, which they sold at very competitive prices. He immediately recognized the potential advantage of using production methods that had never before been used in the fast food industry.

He persuaded the brothers to sell him a share of the business and in 1961 finally managed to buy the company.  He also visualized a franchise arrangement that would lead to a chain of similar operations in every city of the United States. Not only has this dream come true, McDonald outlets  are now to be found in almost every European country and in many parts of Asia.  As a result of his remarkable vision, imitative and foresight Ray Krok, who once sold paper cups and milk shake makers was estimated to have been worth more than 500 million dollars.

J.K. Rowling 

 It is difficult to imagine that the “Harry Potter” series of books written by someone, who was to become the most popular writer in the world – and certainly the richest – was rejected by almost a dozen publishers before it was finally accepted for publication and became a world-wide phenomenon in publishing history.  But this was case, until it finally landed in the hand of a British agent, Christopher Little, who immediately recognized – what nobody else was able to see – that there was a magical, mysterious quality that would have universal appeal.

He also recognized that the creative imagination of the authoress, that was a feature of the book, was something that would have immediate appeal for children of all ages – both boys and girls – and as it subsequently proved, for adults as well.

What is even more remarkable is the extraordinary vision of the authoress J.K. Rowing, who was able to visualize the success of a book that so many others considered unworthy of publication.

 She was so convinced that she was correct and others were wrong in their assessment of the book’s potential, she continued to offer the book to publishers and agents in spite of dozens of rejections and unflattering comment.  She could see, in her mind’s eye, something that almost every else had missed.  The book had outstanding merit and eventually others would come to recognize this as well.

Ted Turner

Ted Turner is certainly a larger than life character and  a visionary worthy of further study.  He has demonstrated in many ways that he is a person with a remarkable creative vision, capable of using his imagination to visualize situations and possibilities not apparent to others.

As an example of his foresight, in 1980 his company, Cable News Network, C.N.N, decided to launch a 24 hours news channel that everyone else in the industry considered impractical, unnecessary and doomed to fail.  Ted Turner proved his critics to be completely wrong. 

In 1986 Ted Turner was able to foresee the potential of home videos, something that was not immediately apparent to others. As a result, he acquired the rights from M.G.M entertainment. Here again it proved to be an exceptionally good investment.

When you have the opportunity, read detailed life stories  of  these seven well-known, successful personalities who made their mark in the  various careers they followed and become rich and famous.

 They are typical examples of people able to see and take advantage of opportunities not visible to others; typical examples of the effective use of  a faculty that many possess but few know to use effectively – their third eye.

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