6 Ways To Watch Your Weight When Travelling to Norway

Maintaining weight-friendly behaviours such as a healthy diet and regular exercise is easy when everything goes according to your plan. However, your weight loss goals can become unattainable when life throws you a curveball, such as a trip to Norway for tourism or study. But you can make health and weight loss a part of your daily routine, no matter how hectic it is. It would help if you read reviews at Norskeanmeldelser.no from Norwegian citizens to know how they manage their weight loss routine.

The following are ways you can stay on your weight loss journey.

  1. The Oxygen Mask procedure

Do you know how flight attendants tell you to put on your oxygen mask before helping others in an emergency? Healthful eating and exercise are your oxygen mask when you’re on the ground. That’s according to Cincinnati’s Barbara Walker, a sports psychologist at the Center for Human Performance (CHP). If you work out regularly, you’ll be more productive. Short exercise sessions boost mood, cognition, focus, weight loss, and energy levels. You can see Nutrilett for healthy diets that can help you achieve your weight loss journey.

  1. Avoid Making Sacrifices on Sleep

Lack of sleep dulls the decision-making section of the brain and activates its reward regions, making it difficult to resist cravings and manage urges. There’s also evidence that obtaining only 4.5 hours of sleep every night might lead cravings to spike by 33%. Study results from the School of Medicine at Northwestern University demonstrate that sleep quality (and length) is closely associated with exercise performance. Make time for seven to nine hours of sleep every day, even if it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

  1. Disrupt the Flow of Things

A 30-minute workout may not be feasible, but chances are you will have three 10-minute blocks available during the day. ‘They’ll all add up’ Maybe even more than a full-fledged workout could have done for you. According to research published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, men who worked out three times a day for 10 minutes saw better improvements in cardiovascular health than those who worked out for 30 minutes a day.

  1. Keep your weight loss goal in mind

When it comes to staying motivated regarding health and fitness goals, you must know what you want to achieve, no matter how peaceful or chaotic your life may be right now. But why? So you will be able to provide for your children in the future? So that you can give your body a sense of security and comfort? These are the real “whys” that will keep you pushing forward. In addition,  write them down and posts them in a position where you’ll see them every day.

  1. Seek assistance

For anyone who wants to lose weight, getting support is essential. But in times of stress, it’s even more critical. Get your friends and family involved so that stress management isn’t only your responsibility. For example, you may ask a friend to send you text messages every day to encourage you to keep going. Or, you could ask your spouse to cover dinner one night so that you have time to go to the gym the next day when you get to Norway.

  1. Maintain a Stock of Snacks

You’re likely to spend a lot of time on your journey and in the car during stressful times, so keep nutritious snacks like nuts and fruit on hand. Instead of using the vending machine, store healthful food in your backpack when travelling and in the car’s glove box when you get to Norway.