Trendiest Pixie Cut with Bangs For 2019

February 16, 2019 Off By Dante Filyaw

Trendiest Pixie Cut with Bangs For 2019

Bangs are taking the fashion industry by surprise, and this is true especially with a short pixie cut with bangs. So, why shouldn’t we incorporate bot in a hairstyle and enjoy the best of both worlds?  

Whether you are after something hassle-free, edgy, simple or fancy, here, you will get a pixie cut with bangs that will meet all your needs. We have compiled the best hairstyles here for your consideration.

  • Ramona Flower Pixie Cut.

Ramona flowers didn’t incorporate the same haircut. However, it combined the same hair shade. If pink hue is not your thing, then you can always choose blue instead. However, bear in your mind that blue is one of the toughest colour when it comes to maintenance, so be ready for regular maintenance if you go that route.

  • Flappy Pixie Cut with Bangs.

Rather than choosing to tuck the bangs behind the heart I they are longer, you can choose to flip the tips outward. It is a great and safe way of experimenting with the new looks using bangs and colours. Ensure you hold the hair in place using hairspray or a hair paste.

  • Lots of Cute Layers.

I am sure we all love layers. So, for this style opt to maintain the layers short at the nape of your back and allow the hair on the crown to be the star. Trim the layers in varying lengths but maintain them long in the front and shorter at the back. By keeping the layers shorter at the back, you get sufficient volume for the hair.

  • Buzzed Pixie Cut.

This pixie cut with bangs is all about hair at the crown. The hair at the back and that at the sides is shaved to a buzz style.  The hair at the top and bangs are maintained some few inches long. If you are looking for a haircut that is nothing but sass and edgy, this is the best cut we would recommend for you. The reason is obvious.

  • Boyish Pixie Cut.

If you are looking for a more chic and sophisticated boyish style of pixie cut with bangs, but you don’t need a lot of volume, then take a gander at this. The hairstyle has layers but rather than lifting them, they are slicked down using a hair gel. It is a simple and effortless cut to style and maintain as well.

  • Long and Side Swept Pixie Cut.

This is an ordinary pixie cut with bangs. It features short hair at the back, and long layered side swept bangs. This hairstyle may take some time to style in the morning because it needs blow-drying, an addition of paste and maybe hairspray to secure everything in place.