3 Thigh Workout Routines For Women

No woman would want big and fatty thighs. Otherwise, the whole swimsuit parade would be a nightmare or too embarrassing to contain. The idea about training thighs came to the picture when women became more conscious about flaunting their legs out on all occasions.

Beyond just mere jogging or perhaps adduction-abduction machine training, there are other exercises that can firm, strengthen and shape women’s thighs. These 3 women’s thigh workout routines may help you gain sexier thighs:

1. Thigh Kicking, It is obviously about thrusting your legs abruptly to shake your thigh muscles. You must have a weight attachment that you can tie around your right ankle to do this. Have it attached to a sturdy chair or bar. Gradually lift right leg straight up as high as you can to feel the contraction in your thigh muscles and hamstrings.

As your leg is straightened up, hold it for 2 seconds before bringing it down. Do 2-4 sets of 16 counts of this before transferring the weight attachment to the right ankle and lifting your left leg this time. Do another 2-4 sets of 16.

2. Standard Leg Lifting, This is a classical approach to strengthening and perfecting your thighs. Lie down on your back. Your arms must be straightened in light with your wide. Bend your right knee allowing your foot to be held flat on the ground. Hold the left leg straightly.

As you gradually lift the straightened leg up until beyond your bent knee, you must control the motion and feel the flexing sensation in your thigh. Hold it for 2 seconds before lowering your leg down. Lift up again for 2-4 sets of 16 repetitions before you can shift positions-this time bending your left knee and lifting your right leg.

3.Leg Extending, In most cases, fitness clubs are equipped with leg extension machines. Using this equipment will strengthen your thighs especially the front area. Approach the machine and sit on it. Place both your feet beneath the bar with pads fronting you. You must make sure that your knees are hanging away from where you are seated while the padded bar must be right on your ankles without exceeding them.

Stretch your legs up just slowly but surely and sense the contraction in your thighs. Then, bring your legs down slowly again. Do not permit the momentum to overrule you. It must be you taking control of the motion as you extending your legs forward and backward. You can do 2 sets of 12 counts or even more depending on your tolerance level.

Your legs are as important as your triceps, biceps, shoulders, back and abs. All your muscle groups must be trained but make sure you allocate rest days for each of the resistance trainings you do. With you succeeding in these thigh exercises, it’s sure that you will be more confident to wear a swimsuit and flaunt your legs off.