2020’s oddest, non-coronavirus health news

2020 was pretty the year — nevertheless most likely not in the way many were

2020 was rather the yr — though most likely not in the way numerous had been anticipating. 

Shortly immediately after the entire world welcomed in the new 10 years, COVID-19 commenced to dominate headlines, from the moment the pandemic was declared to the latest information of two independent but promising vaccines towards the virus obtaining crisis use acceptance in the U.S. 

But there ended up some situations the place health news did not include the coronavirus. Examine on for a glimpse at some of the oddest health news that 2020 experienced to present. 

Massachusetts guy dies just after ‘overdosing’ on black licorice 

They say much too much of a very good thing can be dangerous, as was the case for just one Massachusetts man whose enjoy of black licorice eventually value him his existence.

Scarce Mind-Eating AMOEBA An infection Confirmed IN FLORIDA, HEALTH Officials SAY

In a scenario report lately comprehensive in the New England Journal of Medicine, doctors discovered that a 54-calendar year-previous Massachusetts construction worker essentially “overdosed” on black licorice. The candy is made up of glycyrrhizic acid, which caused the man’s potassium amounts to plummet. Dangerously lower concentrations of potassium can lead to abnormal coronary heart rhythms, high blood strain, and, in some scenarios, congestive coronary heart failure.

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Poop transplant cures man’s ‘drunkenness disease’ 

Drunk… but devoid of drinking any alcoholic beverages?

That was the circumstance for one  47-calendar year-previous guy who had gut fermentation syndrome, also regarded as automobile-brewery syndrome (Stomach muscles). This uncommon ailment requires too much fungal development in the intestine, which feeds on carbs and then fuels ethanol creation. Usually occasions, Stomach muscles is joined to an extreme amount of money of yeast in the gut.

In the man’s scenario, clinicians experimented with placing the affected person on a reduced-carb diet regime and program of antifungals, but symptoms of intoxication persisted, according to a circumstance review printed in August in the Annals of Interior Medicine.

When all else failed, clinicians appeared to fecal microbiota transplantation — a poop transplant. Bacteria in the feces was transferred into the patient’s small intestine. The transplant arrived from the man’s 22-yr-outdated daughter and his signs or symptoms solved, at minimum until finally his most current adhere to-up at 34 months. 


The authors of the report said at the time that the scenario is considered to be the “initial profitable treatment of a affected person with persistent intestine fermentation syndrome by using fecal microbiota transplantation.”

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Woman’s headache brought on by tapeworm larvae in brain 

A scenario report released just in advance of Halloween this yr in depth the harrowing motive for an Australian woman’s persistent headache: tapeworm larvae.

Doctors in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Cleanliness detailed the woman’s circumstance, which is considered to be the first “autochthonous case,” or domestically acquired situation, of neurocysticercosis, a parasitic sickness that occurs right after one unintentionally ingests Taenia solium (pork tapeworm) eggs.

The lady endured headaches two to a few periods a thirty day period from the time she was 18, and the problems had been normally accompanied by “visible aura.” 

Gentleman Experienced HUNDREDS OF TAPEWORMS IN Brain, Chest Soon after Having UNDERCOOKED PORK

Painkillers would generally provide her relief, but her headache explained in the scenario report was persistent, top her to seek medical notice. Her visual symptoms also worsened.

A subsequent MRI scan discovered what physicians at initially assumed were both a mind abscess or a tumor. But when the lady went in for an procedure to take out the brain lesion, they found out the surprising trigger guiding her discomfort: a cyst entire of tapeworm larvae. 

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Colorado hiker with coronavirus-like signs uncovered to have exceptional, probably life-threatening disease 

A lady who hiked the Colorado Path about the summer months later on fell unwell with coronavirus-like signs in Oct. 

Right after obtaining multiple negative COVID-19 tests, however, the female went to the medical center and was tested for numerous strains of the flu but was uncovered to have none. 

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Last but not least, after going through imaging screenings, the girl obtained an respond to — understanding her scarce, everyday living-threatening sickness was probably connected to her summer time climbing excursion. 

“I actually acquired this condition and did not die,” the female later on said. 

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Fox News’ Kayla Rivas contributed to this report.