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Use of Radioisotopes in Nuclear Medicine

One of the recent branches of medical science is the nuclear medicine. Various various elements nuclear medicine uses radiation for generating diagnostic information relating to functioning of specific organisms. Such radiation is also used for therapeutic treatment of ailing organs. Such diagnostic processes have now become a routine affair in medical science.

Use of Radioisotopes and Radiotherapy

Radioisotopes for radiotherapy are often used in the treatment of –

• Cancer of any type;

• Tumors and other external and internal disfigurations in human anatomy;

• It targets the damaged, effected, or ailing cells and destroys them;

• Since use is painless the demands are growing rapidly.

Use of Radioisotopes in Nuclear Medicine

In nuclear medicine the radioisotopes are used for detecting the specific functions of the organs or for treating the diseases. The reasons for its widespread use are

• Diagnosis is quick and accurate about the illness of the patient;

• Organs like thyroid, bones, heart, and liver can get damaged pretty easily and disorders in their functioning can be detected using radiations;

• As many as five Nobel laureates were associated with the development of radioisotopes based detecting methods in medical science;

• More than ten thousand hospitals across the globe use radioisotopes in medicine;

• 90% of these uses are for diagnostic purposes;

• Common radioisotope used in diagnosis is the technetium-99 that is used in over thirty million procedures a year accounting for over 80% of all medicine procedures in the world.

Frequencies of Radioisotopes Use

26% of the world population resides in developed countries. Frequency of use of nuclear medicines and therefore radioisotopes in these countries come to 1.9% per annual. Over 18 million frequencies are used in United States alone for around 305 million people. Such frequencies in Europe come to about ten million for 500 million people. Use of radioisotopes comes to around 560,000 in Australia for 21 million people.

Specific Use of Radioisotopes in Medical Procedures

36% of the total radiation exposure is used for the computed X-ray tomography or CT scan as they are often known. According to the US National Council on the Radiation Protection and Measurements Report of the year 2009, the exposure to radiation in US has increased from 3.6 millisievert to that of 6.2 millisieverts during 1980-2010. …

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NPI Number Individual or Group – Which One Do I Use?

There is so much talk about getting your NPI number. You must have it by May 23rd or your cash flow can be severely affected. Do not wait till the last minute to get it because you will need to report it to all of the different insurance carriers. But if you had to apply for two NPI numbers, an individual one and a group one, which one do you use to submit claims?

Most insurance carriers including Medicare require the individual NPI number on the claim in box 33a. If you are doing paper claims, enter your individual NPI number in box 33a on the CMS 1500 form. If you also have a group NPI number, it should be placed in box 32a of the CMS 1500 form.

If you submit your insurance claims electronically you may need to test your claims once you have your NPI number loaded. For your paper claims, you need to update your software to be ready for the new CMS 1500 forms which allow for the reporting of the NPI number.

You may also be receiving requests from colleges notifying you of their NPI number and asking for yours. It is necessary to share your NPI number with other medical service providers because when you refer a patient to another provider or if another provider indicates a patient to you, you may need to include that provider's NPI number on the claim form.

NPI numbers are here to stay so there is no use trying to avoid them. The more you learn about them, the easier it is to understand how to use them. The first step is to get one, so if you have not already obtained your NPI number, you really should do it immediately.

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Naturopathic Careers Today

Find Naturopathic Careers in the United States and Canada. Individuals who enter naturopathic careers have a promising professional outlook as today's patients have begun to seek noninvasive and natural health treatments in lieu of traditional medicine.

To work in naturopathic careers, prospective candidates should investigate the field prior to pursuing the profession. It is essential that appropriate education is met before trying to practice as a naturopathic doctor. Today, students desiring naturopathic careers must first apply and participate in a naturopathic degree and / or diploma program offered through various naturopathic colleges and alternative healing schools.

For example, in Canada, naturopathic physicians require a certain level of training and education through an accredited naturopathic school. Prerequisites include a basic education that often includes a bachelor's degree of coursework in biology, chemistry, psychology and humanities. These prerequisites generally mirror many of the requirements set forth in US schools.

In addition, naturopathic careers require up to seven years of training and education. Typical curriculums involve basic science studies in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, preventive medicine, botanical medicine, naturopathic history and philosophy, nutrition, hydrotherapy, Oriental medicine, homeopathy and pharmacology – to list a few.

Furthermore, candidates who attain naturopathic physicians discover that while this is an integrative medicine practice, many naturopathic doctors (NDs) act as primary care physicians in hospitals, hospitals and other health facilities. In addition to noninvasive therapies, naturopathic practitioners provide natural healing alternatives to traditional medicine including holistic modalities like mind-body-spirit therapies (eg, massage therapy, energy healing, holistic nutrition, etc.).

According to the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges, licensed practitioners in naturopathic care report a 71% satisfaction in income. And with the growing trend of acceptance in the alternative medicine community, the likelihood for growth in naturopathic careers is positive. As with any professional aspiration, it is important that potential students carefully review licensing regulations in the state or province in which they benefit. (States and provinces vary in licensing requirements.)

If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding naturopathic careers, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.

Naturopathic Careers Today
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Home Remedies For Anxiety

Who has not undergone any kind of anxiety and panic disorder? Most probably, you will not find any one who will tell he / she has not! Anxiety is one sort of birthright, you can say, for everyone. Up to certain extensive, it's OK to have anxiety; But if you cross the limit, problem pops up and you may need to visit medicos to cool you down. If you have chronic anxiety problem, it would be nice knowing some home remedies for anxiety. Some knowledge in this aspect will reduce your chances of frequent doctors. As a matter of caution, majority of home remedies for anxiety and panic disorders may not have sufficient scientific background and experimenting with them may always not give intended results. It is not advisable to use home remedies for anxiety without being prescribed by an expert physician. However, few well known home treatment for anxieties are given below for your reference, further investigation, and using them after obtaining approval from your family physician.

A Few Examples of Home Remedies for Anxiety

Remedial measures to be implemented against anxieties largely depend upon causes of the disorders. You must dig out main cause for your discontent and then try concentrating solving the issue rather than blaming the near and dear ones. One of the best home remedies for anxiety is to getting into involved with some family affairs or some social causes. Never sit alone. To achieve immediate relief, many people use Niocinamide and other similar drugs as part of their home remedies for anxiety. Using of such drugs, at least for the first time, must be consulted with a doctor; Else, it may harm you later.

Taking vitamin B6 and B12 daily for 7-8 days during peak anxiety period to control blood pressure and panic disorder is quite common among the older members of my family who always believe practicing home remedies for anxiety. I also found no harm using such vitamins to check anxieties; They work well. Few other prominent practices that are broadly followed as best home remedies for anxiety are daily exercising for at least half an hour, taking bath with cold water, playing with kids, watching movies, sleeping for at least 7-8 hours, listening music, and Attending religious ceremonies, etc.

All of the home remedies for anxiety may not equally affect you all and you must find out what applies you best. Main theme of all the home remedies for anxiety is to stay busy, stay occupied by whatever means may be. Of course, long term physical and health conditions that one may lead also help greatly fighting facing anxiety and panic disorders. If you have already developed syndromes of anxiety or want to avoid developing such behavior in future, you may consider leaving smoking, drinking, and all sort of caffeine to enhance effectiveness of home remedies for anxiety that you may employ separately to reduce your panic disorders.

Develop a healthy food habit to fight Anxiety

Clinically and physiologically, experts say that if you lack certain vitamins and minerals in your body, you may risk facing panic disorders. So, going by their words, if you have already living with anxieties, you may consider using appropriate vitamins and other mineral compounds after due consultation with your doctor as part of your enhanced home remedies for anxiety. Even without seeing a doctor, you may consider occasional use of calcium, vitamin C, B-complex, and other vitamin supplements. After all, your body requires them all and simultaneously they can work well as part of your home remedies for anxiety. …

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Natural Health – Foods to Eat to Stay Healthy

Over the years, people have become more and more conscious about which food to eat to stay healthy. Over the years too, several recommendations have been advised. To this end, books were written, keep fit programs were sold and advices followed. The average lifespan though stayed the same, seventy years, much the same as centuries ago.

What are the foods to eat to stay healthy? Everything but in moderation

Doesn’t it sound very much like what the Hebrew book says?” Lifespan of seventy years”, “all food have been cleansed”, “avoid gluttony?” Through all these years, this has never been challenged. This fact remained sure and true. If ever, several adverts have already claimed superior benefits of their weight reducing, health-inducing product. What the adverts succeeded at was over-selling and over- highlighting their claims but never challenged this fact. But that is always true with commercialism. In this age where cents and dimes are often the rule of the day, there is no compunction to oversell a product to the point of using scare tactics for the targeted consumer to get their attention and possibly draw out their wallets and part with their money.

Do not fall for fad foods. If they were true, some of them should have stayed on in the market and have grown in market share as far as food choices are concerned. Nothing has and nothing will, because the price paid is too high for the benefit received and people eventually could see through that.

Instead eat food that tastes good. Eat all foods that are recommended in the good old food chart. The body needs sodium, it helps cleanse the body and prevent diseases. The body needs fat. Fat insulates us from the elements and helps keep our body lubricated as machines are lubricated. Fat also keeps our skin supple and feeling younger. Have protein in the diet, you cannot do with less of it especially when in the healing and during the growing up years. Calories are needed to maintain energy levels so is sugar. But then everything has to be taken in the right amounts and quantities. Everything in moderation

The problem is not the food; the problem is the attitude towards food. It is the preference of one food group over the other that keeps the system unbalanced and wanting of nutrients that weakens the body. It is the lifestyle that prevents us or allows excuses not to eat right but have fast food as the usual recourse.

Aside from the food groups that have been classified by science, there are only two types of food in nature that are provided to us. One is food for nutrition, the other are food for medicine and healing. Examples of these are garlic, turmeric and other herbs too many to mention. Every food has its own function and counter action. Spinach has oxalic acid and oranges have counter effects bad for certain blood types, eating raw exposes us to certain microorganisms etc. Nonsense, every food has properties different and tends to counter balance another food.

In an effort to sell a product, a brand, or an idea, what results is a scare that effects in limiting us with food choices often to those that we do not enjoy. The limiting of food choices keeps on evolving that if everything that is heard or advertised is listened to, nothing is worthy of eating anymore.

Every region on earth will always provide a balanced food source for that region. Foods grown in the US are different from those grown in China. But when examined closely, the tastes may change but the same balancing effect in the diet is present, anywhere in the world. That should tell us something. The earth provides everything for our enjoyment and health. Anyone who is not trying to sell anything will say the same thing, “that we should eat all the food groups in correct quantities and proportions”. That way we enjoy life, that way we stay truly healthy.…

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Using Natural Antibiotics

In today’s world, germs are getting smarter – and they are outsmarting modern medicine in a very scary way. You may have heard of all the recent outbreaks of Staph Infections around the world. This staph is literally building a resistance to antibiotics. It is an epidemic, and it can lead to death.

Due to this epidemic, research has stepped up in the area of antibiotics. What scientists have found is that pure silver is essential to life. Pure silver is a naturally occurring substance, and drug producers, such as Life Force International have been able to put pure silver in liquid form, to be used as a natural antibiotic.

Scientists have discovered that while most antibiotics only disinfect about a half dozen germs, silver disinfects hundreds. Furthermore, germs are unable to build a resistance to pure silver, making it a much needed and essential natural antibiotic. Silver also is useful in fighting over 650 bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites.

Furthermore, prescription antibiotics, that are chemically manufactured, have awful side effects that are often worse than the condition that they were designed and prescribed to treat. Pure silver, on the other hand, has no side effects, and it can be used by adults, children, and even pets.

The human body naturally contains silver, although it isn’t very much. The average human body has .001 microns of silver. When that level drops, illness occurs. Life Force International offers Colloidal Silver in liquid form, and it can be taken indefinitely without worrying about germs or microorganisms becoming immune to it.

While antibiotics kill germs by poisoning them, Colloidal Silver literally smoothers them by cutting the air supply between the germs and the enzymes that they need to survive and grow. This is why germs cannot become immune to Colloidal Silver – the silver isn’t fighting the germ the way that other antibiotics do, it is simply outsmarting it.

Even minute amounts of silver are effective in killing more than 640 different disease causing pathogens. Therefore, Colloidal Silver can be used to treat illnesses, and to prevent illnesses from occurring.

Colloidal Silver can be used internally and externally. When used internally, it is important to increase your intake of water, so that the dead pathogens can be effectively flushed from the body. It is also important that Colloidal Silver not come into contact with other metals. It should be taken with a plastic spoon, syringe, or medicine cup.

Externally, Colloidal Silver can be applied directly to cuts, burns, cold sores, open sores, and other injuries. It is also effective on mosquito bites, acne, dandruff, athlete’s foot, sore throat gargles, rashes, and eczema. It can even be used as drops for the eyes and ears, and sprayed in the nose for sinusitis.

Colloidal Silver also has household uses. It can be used to prevent mildew and to sterilize cooking surfaces. It can even be sprayed on the leaves of unhealthy plants to improve their condition. It should be stored in a dark glass spray bottle for household use.…

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Mental Health – Why Does Depression Hurt?

That television advertisement that requests; 'Where does depression hurt?' And the answer, 'Everywhere,' is painfully true, (no pun intended).

But why does depression hurt? After all, it's a mental illness, is not it? So why do I keep having aches and pains for no apparent reason? Well, yes, it is mental, but it marches in lockstep to your physical make-up. By marching in lockstep, I mean that although depression is purely mental, and this is evidenced by, and in the way that, depressives dream, it has a direct bearing on our physical well-being.

Some years ago, when I suffered major, or clinical, depression, I used to have the most feasible and vivid dreams. Until I learned more about depression, I had no idea at all that these dreams were actually the cause of my feeling aches and pains all over my body during my waking hours. The point is that people with depression dream three times as much as those who do not suffer from the condition.

The depression-free person dreams about two hours a night, two hours in twenty four, if you like. The depressed, on the other hand. Dreams three times that amount. Six hours in twenty four, so he or she spends no less than a quarter of their life dreaming!

The unfortunate part is, though, that while they're dreaming, they're not having the deep, restful sleep that their bodies need to repair themselves. They're in the Rapid Eye Movement, or REM, sleep stage, which is when you dream. To put it very basically, you dream in order that the brain can flush away all the old rubbish that's been built up by your thinking during the previous day. Hardly a medical description, but since the question is; "Why does depression hurt?" And not the causes of depression, this description will suffice for the moment.

The important point is that the depressed goes through the night in the REM sleep stage for six hours, and a mere two hours in deep sleep. With the non-depressive, this is reversed. Now, because the person with depression is only having two hours, (if they're lucky), of good, deep sleep, their bodies are simply not receiving the rest that they so desirely need. There's nothing restful about the REM sleep stage. It's called Rapid Eye Movement because your eyes are constantly moving very quickly from side to side as you dream.

Another problem, and another reason for the aches and pains, is that your serotonin levels drop. Serotonin helps to keep your pain threshold up, so when the levels drop, you become far more susceptible to pain and chronic fatigue.

The big mistake is in thinking that serotonin, or the lack of, is the factor that causes depression. This is totally wrong.

But that's why depression hurts. Too much REM dream sleep and vastly insufficient deep sleep, with a corresponding drop in serotonin levels. Here, aches and pains. …

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Are You Ready to Turbo Charge Your Atkins Diet?

Lose up to 16 pounds a week by combing the highly effective Atkins diet and the super healthy Mediterranean diet. This plan is so incredibly powerful that you can lose five, ten and even up to 16 pounds in a single week!

On average, dieters using the Mediterranean-Atkins diet plan lost more than 30 pounds in 12 weeks. My first seven weeks following this plan I lost 27 pounds and my room mate lost 22. There was also a dramatic improvement in my blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. My doctor was extremely pleased with my readings.

The plan is like a Mediterranean mini-feast. Think fish with lemon and herbs, fresh green drizzled with olive oil, and even a lovely glass of red wine! Seriously here, I am not joking.

The major difference between the old approach and the new one is that every other day your main protein will be fish. However the other days you can still have unrestricted and unlimited protein rather it is from eggs, chicken, beef and etc.

You will also refrain from pre-packaged low-carb foods and instead you will focus on getting 30 grams of carbs a day from nutrient-packed vegetables. Olive oil will be your main source of fat. And you can also have the option of savoring up to two small glasses of wine a day.

Simply put the Atkins and Mediterranean diets better together than they do on their own. By following the subsequent turbo secrets you too can have very similar results.

The best protein for weight loss is fish. Of course any diet that cuts down significantly on carbs and boosts protein will flip switches in the body that slash hunger while increasing metabolism and speed up the fat burning. But of all the protein choices, fish has the most fat-fighting power. Studies show that nutrients in fish not only make our anti-hunger hormones work better, they also help spark fat so flab burns faster.

The best fat for weight loss is olive oil. Olive oil is not only good for your heart, studies show it also dampens the appetite, curbs cravings and helps speed up the metabolism. Simply put if you replace unhealthy fats with olive oil you are going to see the biggest difference in your scale.

By getting your carbohydrates from vegetables instead of pre-packaged low-carb foods you can get special fat-blasting antioxidants. For starters, by eliminating fake sweeteners that actually stimulates the appetite you will be loading up on fat fighting super nutrients especially if you decide to drink red wine while participating in the Mediterranean-Atkins diet plan. Red wine contains a super antioxidant called resveratrol which is one of the most studied nutrients in the world today. In addition to a ton of other incredibly healthy benefits it also helps lower blood sugar and appears to help with low calorie diets as well. In other words, drinking red wine can actually cause weight loss.

So if you are a huge fan of low-carb diets like I am but you also like to enjoy a glass of wine here and there then this diet is for you. Of course that is in addition to the incredible weight loss you can experience as well.…

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Backpacking Checklist – Medicine

Imagine finding out that your stomach thinks that you should not have had that ice cream just before your bus departs for a 18 hour ride. Having the right medicine with you can literally be a life saver. Always double check with medical authorities what you need to bring on your trip. The below list has a few suggested items which may come in handy, use it as inspiration and create your own.

If you have medicine from past trips you plan to bring along check the expiry date.


Make sure you get the immunizations you need in time for your departure.

Surgical tape

Compress/sterile wraps





Fungus treatment

It can be easy to get fungal infections in warm and humid climate

Nose spray (against colds)

Cough medicine

Diarrhoea medicine

Heartburn medicine

Constipation medicine

Rehydration salts

If you lose a lot of liquid they can help you avoid dehydration.

Mosquito repellent

Lice treatment

Malaria medication

If you need this check which type you need. There are different types, some with side effects. You may have to start taking the malaria medication in advance.


Check with your physician if it is advisable.

Vitamin and mineral tablets

Useful if you have a one-sided diet.

Sunburn lotion

Treatment if you get burned from staying in the sun for too long.

Clinical thermometer

To measure fever/temperature.

Prescription medicine in original packaging

If you have prescription medicine, put it in the original packaging. Check if it is legal in your destination.


For your medicine.

Sterile syringe

If you are worried that the syringes available locally are not clean.

First aid kit

Fill it up with some of the suggested medicine.

Band aid

Get some different sizes for different wounds.

Blister moleskin

Moleskins are a special type of band aid. It consists of artificial skin that you can cut to shape and then apply on top of your blister.

Eye drops

If your eyes get dry

Condom/lubrification/birth control pills etc

Well, you never know when you might get lucky 😉

Sore Throat Lozenges

For treatment of sore throat.

Motion sickness pills

Check with your pharmacy how much time in advance you need to take the pills for the effect to kick in.

Lotion for insect bites

Happy travels!…

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A Closer Look at Medical Supplies Your Clinic Needs Most

Starting a new clinic is something that definitely takes a lot of determination and spirit, but when you really feel called to start your own practice there's really nothing stopping you but your own doubts and fears. One of the largest concerns that new clinicians have when they start opening their practices is that they are not quite sure where to get the quality medical supplies that they need, as well as how to get them at a price that's affordable. Contrary to popular belief, doctors really do have to worry about the cost of medical supplies, especially when there are so many patients to think about. A new community clinic definitely gets attention, as residents will have somewhere to bring their many aches, pains, and stresses to.

The first step in finding quality medical supplies at an affordable price is generally to find a great manufacturer and then see about bulk pricing from there. If you're not sure who to choose as your primary manufacturer, you really can not go wrong with Medline Products, a great supplier of fine durable medical equipment. Getting all of your equipment under the Medline products really really is not difficult at all.

Now that you've decided on getting the right manufacturer, you will need to fill your initial product order with the most essential items that your new clinic will need in order to really begin treating patients with the care that they deserve.

Sometimes, the supply list has some pretty run of the mill items, like tongue depressors and trash receptacles, but these items are strictly necessary. After all, you certainly can not use the same tongue depressors over and over again, since this could spread disease. Your patients are coming to your clinic because you use sterile medical equipment, and having more than enough to use definitely helps you keep things clean.

As mentioned before, bulk pricing is really the best way to go when you're trying to establish your clinic. The biggest reason why most new clinicians owners do not pursue as aggressive of a bulk pricing discount as they would like is because they feel that type of discount. However, that's not true at all – you can indeed get a deep discount as long as you really go over your purchase order and really make sure that you are indeed ordering everything in bulk. Your first purchase order should least you at least a month, even under heavy traffic.

It goes without saying that getting quality medical supplies can be an investment, but quality products from Medline will definitely help you get your patients the service that they unfortunately need. Ordering online is the best way to make sure that your medical supplies come to you quickly and that you have the best selection. Since every clinic is different, you will most likely need to customize your initial purchase order to make sure that you are covering everything required of your specialty or focus. So, if you really take the tips in this guide to heart and explore the world of Medline products, you should have no problem giving your future clinic patients the top notch care that they deserve! …

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