Importance of Good Health Care

Health care is one of the most important components in your life. Disease or illness can really mean a down turn in your life. The biggest asset we can have in life therefore is health. Health care is normally defined as the management or treatment of any health problem through the services that might be offered by medical, nursing, dental or any other related service. When you talk about the care of health, you are talking of all goods and services that are produced to improve on your health. They may be curative, preventative or even palliative solutions. A system of health care is one that is organized to give health services to a population or a group of people.

Health care can be for an individual or for a large group of people depending on how the systems are organized. Importance of health care cannot be overemphasized. In society, people are worried about the kinds of systems there are, to deal with issues of health. In developed countries, their systems are designed to cater for all people; whether poor or rich. However, the systems are lacking in regard to flaws. In developing countries, people usually take care of health as an individual thing and, if you do not have enough money, you might not get access to quality care. There are so many disparities and, some systems in certain countries are becoming worse; not able to deal with demand of health. Health is not a cheap affair, you have to have a good system if you want it to work for you. Governments have the responsibility to create or formulate policies that will favor people in this regard. Good systems of health can be erected by the top most leadership of a state.

The importance of good health care can be seen in the hopes of a people who are yearning for health. To become rich or to produce something in life, you have to have that ability or strength. If you are sick, you are likely not to develop yourself in any way. Therefore health is wealth and this is the biggest lesson that we can learn today. When you are in good health, you will be a happy person and enthusiastic about the business of life. Sickly people will dread every moment of their pain and, they are not able to have joy and peace. When it comes to preventative health care like the use of vaccinations, we are going ahead of time and making sure that you are safe from future illnesses. When it comes to prevention of pregnancy as part of care for health, we are able to structure our lives an take control. However, measures such as abortions are pretty controversial.

However, those countries that have legalized abortion need to ensure that people who choose to undergo it are safe and protected. Good health care will give rise to a generation that is ready to take on the world. Diseases have a way of making the future look very deem. For example, the spread of the AIDS virus has really dealt a huge blow on this generation. Proper care is beginning to be felt in many corners of the world especially areas where it is rampant like sub Saharan Africa. Therefore, make sure that no matter whether you are and individual or a group, you prioritize on health. Investing in good care for health is investing in life.…

Plus Size Women Struggle With "What is the Perfect Body Image?"

I have always tried to teach my children that being thin and pretty doesn’t make you beautiful. We all come in different packaging and inside were all the same, our beauty comes from within. I define a beautiful person by their individual qualities including their personality, passion, confidence, morals, values, happy, motivated, giving, intelligent, creative, caring, forgiving, compassionate, loving, helpful, excepting, achievements and the list can goes on and on, as everyone sees beauty differently. Women should be appreciated for personal qualities and accomplishments rather than body shape or size.

Our society has developed many health issues linked to a person’s well being and self esteem including a  group of very serious eating disorders caused from the psychological effects on girls and women trying to achieve an unrealistic body image. These girls and women believe they are not thin enough, thin is beautiful, thin is attractive and thin is socialably acceptable. The fashion industry and media are still portraying this ultra thin female body image to our society today but we are starting to see a few positive changes.

Our plus size models are leading the way on the catwalk, magazines and in the fashion industry and taking an active role in the struggle of trying to change the ultra thin body image that presently exist. By modelling women’s plus size clothing and other products these women are sending out a powerful message to our society “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes” love the size your in and be proud yourself inside and out.

I truly hope to see a positive change in the coming years that include changes in the way our society see beauty and provide equal opportunities for plus sizes . Plus size women should have the same choices and enjoy a variety of shopping options in fashionable plus size clothing as the smaller “size 8” women have now. Statistics have proven that the average size of women today is “14” and there are only one in three women who fall into to the smaller than average category.

I Would love to see an average sized model as role model for our next generation of children to admire, with a body image that is healthy and achievable without lowering ones self image, self esteem or confidence. Lets encourage our children to eat healthy and be comfortable with whatever shape or size their in. Let’s try to reduce the number of people  who what to change their body so much that they starve them selves just to be socially accepted.…

Health insurance losing its popularity

Analysis presented by different market experts says that life and health insurance industry cannot see a lower side as these are very much needed between 100 crore population where expenses for medication and hospitalization are touching peak.

However, according to the recent study health insurance industry is actually going down in the country as a result of global economic slowdown. At the time of recession when not many are interested in investing money any where, the health insurance products are also not seeing many takers.

Besides, general insurance companies in government sector like New India Assurance, many companies in health insurance segment are facing trouble from past some. So, the analysis says that Indians are brave enough to take risk on their lives rather than investing a sufficient amount to secure their lives. Therefore, the well named companies like ICICI Lombard, Reliance General Insurance and Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance are witnessing loss. Some of these companies are ready to take IPO route to arrange cash for them.

According to entire study, private sector insurers are not going through a happy phase with customers not trusting these companies and some are not ready put their money on insurance.

Today health insurers in private sector are in a mess and one reason for this mess is that people are questioning the stability of these companies. One can easily trust a public sector insurer as that comes under the government umbrella but a private sector insurance company which has still not completed its first 10 years in the industry face tough tasks in a way to make good impression on one’s mind.

There are insurers like ICICI Lombard and Reliance General Insurance which are operating in market under a big brand for a long time now, but what about a company like Apollo DKV Health Insurance which is still to make a big mark for itself and is still not eligible to get listed in capital market with its initial public offerings.

Speaking of reasons for lower subscription of health insurance policies, second in line could be the type of policies a company offers to an individual.

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance offers its customers with a range of policies like Health Guard, Critical Illness, Hospital Cash, Silver Health, Health Ensure, Personal Guard, Insta Insure and Family Floater HG. With so many plans to offer, privately held insurance company is not getting good feedback and the reason being some costlier policies, all in one is not present or expensive or some policies are not available for the people who are about or above the age of 60.

There are many other things which makes a health insurance policy unattractive for customers like a health check up based on which the total cost of that policy is decided.

Besides all these reasons for downfall of health insurance industry, one reason is still to come. Many major general insurance companies in India are looking to select the hospitals where they want to provide claims to their customers and if a person gets treated in a hospital out of that network, the company would not be paying full claim.

With customers losing interest in health insurance and companies going through a lower growth period, it seems like insurance regulator would soon be getting ready with some new norms.…

Organic Foods – Detoxify Your Body

Organic Foods are the best cure for bodily toxins because they provide you with an outlet to be able to stop the intake of conventional foods. Traditional foods usually come with various chemical residues left behind by the pesticides, industrial fertilizers, and herbicides to which the crops that produced them were exposed to. Some of these residues are found only on the outside of the fruits and vegetables and can be removed through washing and peeling. Around 30% of them however contain the residues in their inside. This means that no washing or peeling can make them safe. Thus, the toxic chemicals on synthetic agricultural substances end up inside the bodies of the people who consume their produce.

Organic Foods keep toxins away from you. The chemical residues contained in conventional food become dangerous toxins upon entering the body. Though each meal will bring with it only mediocre levels of toxins, they tend to come in faster than the rate the body can flush them out. The level of toxicity in your body will then gradually increase. Increased toxicity has varying effects. The first effect with probably be the lack of energy. This happens because the body burns up more energy than usual in its attempts to lower down the amount of toxins.

Organic Foods also help prevent the worst often deadly effect of the continuous consumption of conventional foods. The toxins that enter the body in the form of chemical residues are carcinogenic. The toxins can cause abnormal development and creation of cells. The abnormal cells can then evolve into malignant form and ultimately lead to cancer. Cancer by far is one of the deadliest illnesses that can befall a human being. Millions have already died due to it, especially because it is often not diagnosed early enough. Even after diagnosis its treatment is very painful and expensive.

Organic Foods are produced without the use of synthetic substances and the application of industrial techniques. This results to fruits and vegetables that are completely natural. They contain no chemical residues. Therefore, switching to an organic diet will mean that you will stop taking in toxins, while your body continues to detoxify itself. Hence, time will come when all the toxins your body is capable of flushing out will soon be removed. There are however some toxins that the body can not handle. You need to seek medical help to get these ones cleansed so you can finally say that your detoxification is complete. …

Student’s Health Insurance in Germany

The students have to pay many types of the studying expenses and one of the biggest items of expenses is the student`s insurance. In some countries the drawing up of the student`s health insurance is the necessary requirement for the students (for example, in Germany). To receive the student`s health insurance, you will have to get the insurance certificate. Such certificates can be received in any AOK Office.
The students have wide range of choice and each person can choose the insurance offer which will meet all individual wishes, requirements and needs. The student can be under the covering of the parent`s insurance policy. It is possible till the 25th birthday. But if the monthly income is more than 350 EUR, the student has to draw up own insurance policy.
In the case if the students have to pay their own insurance policy, they can choose the company which they like, as there are many insurance providers. The average sum of money, which the student has to pay for the health insurance during the month, is about 50 EUR. The students receive excellent medical treatment. The restrictions of the coverage are usually serious illnesses and birth of the child.
The students can receive such types of insurance if they are less than 30 years old. If the students are older or they have completed the 14 semesters in the university, they can apply for the receiving of the voluntary insurance of the AOK. The advisors and counselors of the AOK will help all the students to find the most appropriate offers of insurance.
If the members of you family, which are nor students, but live with you in Germany, they can be also under the coverage of the student`s insurance without additional charge. To receive all essential information, contact the advisors of the AOK.…

Urethral Stricture Cure With Homeopathy

Urethral stricture is a common condition encountered in clinical practice these days. It is more common in males than females. Urethral stricture occurs due to the formation of fibrous tissue following damage to the urethral mucosa. Damage to the urethra can be due to gonococcal infection transmitted through sexual intercourse and obviously the sufferers are young adults.

Clinically patient gives a history of recurrent urinary tract infections, bad instrumentation (catheterization) following prostatectomy or any other surgical procedure, direct injury following treatment for rupture of urethra.

The patient experiences various symptoms like difficulty in passing the urine, feeling the desire to pass urine very frequently, thin stream of urine, retention of urine, dribbling of urine, painful urination. Depending on the cause of the stricture every patient has different symptomatology.

Homeopathy has amazing remedies for stricture urethra. In homeopathic treatment whole history of the patient is taken; both general symptoms and disease symptoms are considered while prescribing medicines.

In my clinical experience, every patient has different symptoms and responds in a different manner to homoeopathy remedies. Some patients start feeling better in few days, some in few weeks and some show signs of improvement in months. But in most cases, patient feels better after taking around two month course of treatment.

Patients feel better in their symptoms like burning in urination, urgency, frequency of urination, thin stream of urine and dribbling. Patients who starts taking homeopathic medicines as soon as they are diagnosed with urethral stricture, they generally start getting better earlier than those who are chronically suffering from urethral stricture.

There are wonderful homoeopathic remedies for recurrent urinary tract infection. It is experienced clinically that if a patient is diagnosed with urinary tract infection and he starts taking homeopathic treatment for infection then he or she will not suffer from urethral stricture in future. Even in worst cases of urethral stricture, homeopathic remedies are seen to give relief to the sufferer.

Homoeopathic remedies for urethral stricture can be given along with surgical intervention like urethral dilatation. Now the question arises how one can know that the homoeopathic medicines are working? The answer is the need of dilatation will reduce slowly as homoeopathic medicines start working.

There are remedies which are known to dissolve the scar tissue but in allopathy, there are no medicines to dissolve the scar tissue, surgery is the only treatment which is also not a permanent solution because the stricture reoccurs after few months or even few days.

I am treating some patients of urethral stricture who are allopathic pharmacists. They acknowledge that there are no medicines in allopathy and surgery does not provide permanent relief. But in homeopathy there are medicines which are natural, safe and have no side effects.…

Enjoy Simple Healthy Meals and Lose Weight

Today, a lot of attention has been given to a fit body, and it is common for people to work out rigorously to lose weight or to build muscle mass. As much as exercise is important to achieve this result, so is a good diet to complement it. And that is where lies the importance of a post work out meal or the meal you eat after a workout.

During a workout, small tears occur in the muscle fibre and the connected tissue and the body gets drained out of fuel sources called muscle glycogen. The muscles wll then attempt to rebuild themselves for which they should be provided with raw materials to accomplish it. The raw material which the muscles need in the refuelling process and to repair the fibre and tissue is what we call as the post work out meal and is considered to be the most important meal for people involved in strenuous workouts.

The post workout meal has to be carefully planned to include the right nutrients in the right ratios. It is very important to understand what type of essential nutrients has to be eaten soon after a workout and what food has to excluded from a post work out meal. So first lets look at the nutrients to be eaten after a work out.

The muscles need carbohydrates as well as proteins to replace their drained fuel sources (muscle glycogen) and to begin the rebuilding process. The richer the post work out meal is, the better it is for the quick recovery of the muscles and the sooner they can get started. The goal of proper post-workout nutrition is to quickly and efficiently refuel the muscles to be bigger and stronger.

A nutrient rich post workout meal should contain a quality carb mixture and a quality protein source. While protein builds muscle, carbohydrates provide an insulin spike, and an excellent transport system for the nutrients to reach the muscle cells. The post workout period is the time when the muscles are most receptive to the food we eat. It is usually referred to as the “free time” by the fitness experts. A time when they can eat anything and not have to worry about it turning into fat. During this time the muscle cells are unbelievably hungry for nutrition and will suck up all you can give them, hence lessening the chance of food remaining unprocessed and storing up as fat in the body.

An Ideal Post-Workout Meal

Try to keep the post workout meal simple and nutrient rich.

o A simple sandwich comprising of a mixture of carbs and proteins like wheat bread or whole grain bread packed with tuna,bacon or a chicken breast with tomatoe, and white sauce would be perfect. This meal or similar will give you all you need for that post-workout recovery.

o Carbohydrate-laden foods such fruit, brown rice, potatoes, pasta are a few foods that helps replace depleted glycogen stores after a workout.

o Protein rich beverages like protein shake, potassium rich fruits like banana, raisins and potatoes restore the potassium lost through sweating.

o Also it is important to stay hyderated by consuming plenty of water better mixed with a bit of sugar and protein powder to improve circulation. Also fruits that contain a lot of water like watermelon, oranges or grapes helps body recoup its fluid level. Fruit smoothie is also a good idea.

After having known the nutrients required to include in a post work out meal, lets look at the food to be avoided after a workout.

Fat slows down digestion. Hence it also slows down the digestion of carbs and proteins that you consume after a workout. Therefore fatty foods should be avoided after a workout.

While fibrous food is best for a normal meal, it should be kept at a minimal level in a post workout meal since it tends to hinder the quick absorption of glycogen in the muscles.

So guys! Good luck and get going. You have just read some great tips to a healthy post workout meal. Go ahead and kick start your day at the gym.

Stay Fit!…

Healthy Eating – How To Choose A Vegetable Juicer

If you are looking to take your health up a notch or two, one thing you may be thinking about adding to your healthy eating plan is juicing. Juicing is a fantastic way to help increase your intake of fresh vegetables and possibly even a fruit or two.

One point you do need to keep in mind, however, is because juicing will remove most of the fiber from the foods, it is not a good idea to consume fruit juices on a regular basis. While adding half an apple to a vegetable juice to make it a little sweeter is no problem; you should still be avoiding fruit based juices if you are someone who is concerned with keeping your blood sugar levels in check.

How do you go about selecting a juicer ? If you have never invested in one before, here are a few tips …

1. The Speed Of The Juicer. First , think about the speed of the juicer. Some juicers move at much slower speeds, which can make it harder to juice the heartier vegetables you may want to use.

The faster and stronger the juicer, the more versatile it is going to be.

2. The Pulp Factor. Also, consider the pulp factor. What does the juicer do with the pulp? The big difference between a juicer and a blender is the blender keeps the pulp in the juice while the juicer ensures it is separated from the mix.

Ideally, you will want to find a juicer that ejects the pulp, which will make cleaning the juicer a breeze. You will find you quickly avoid all juicing if you are spending half an hour cleaning the machine after each use.

3. The Strength Of The Juicer. Also , consider the strength of the juicer. How powerful is the machine? If the juicer is not operating with much strength, it may not hold up to many juice creations. If you have a family and plan to prepare various juices at the one time, you will want a juicer with enough horsepower it can easily keep up.

4. Noise. Finally, also take into account the noise factor. Now if you plan to juice in the afternoon or evening, this may not be much of a consideration. But if you want to juice at breakfast and you get up earlier than other family members, they are not going to appreciate a deafening machine.

Read reviews and check to see just how loud any given juicer is.

There you have a few of the main factors to take into account when selecting your juicer. Juicing can be a great way to improve your nutrition and finding a good quality juicer will make the experience much more enjoyable. …

Top 5 Homeopathic Pain Killers

Unfortunately pain is something that everyone will experience in life. While pain is uncomfortable, it can actually be a good thing and there are homeopathic pain killers that can be taken to provide you with safe natural pain relief that is non narcotic.

When you have pain, what you are really experiencing is your body sending you a signal that something is wrong. Imagine if you had a ruptured disc in your back (ok I’m feeling the pain just thinking about it!) and you were just walking around all day going about your every day responsibilities…working, exercising etc. If you didn’t have any pain, you would not know something was really wrong. Pain is your natural defense against being injured for the long haul.

Pharmaceutical drugs have a host of harmful side effects so opting to take homeopathic pain killers when you are hurting is a wise choice. I know after I had my foot surgery I decided against pharmaceutical drugs and chose the homeopathic route. Boy, I’m glad I did.

Below is a list of pain killers that are not new to homeopathic care and are effective for many interested in using homeopathic pain killers:

  1. Arnica is effective at treating arthritis, muscle sprains and strains, and bruises. Arnica is an herb that’s derived from a yellow flower grown in European mountains. Arnica can be applied topically in gel form or taken orally with another homeopathic treatment.
  2. Curcumin is a excellent because it helps to prevent and reduce inflammation. Curcumin should be taken in capsule form with an enzyme called bromelain because your body absorbs it better. Bromelain is also an anti-inflammatory agent and is used by many doctors to treat pain caused by arthritis. When I was experiencing signs of rheumatoid and I told my doctor that I didn’t want to take medicine, she recommended Bromelain.
  3. Devil’s claw fights pain and inflammation but you have to be careful with this one if you have stomach problems. Devil’s claw is actually a fruit that’s found in South Africa and has been used to help reduce back and arthritis pain.
  4. Feverfew is an age old homeopathic pain killer and works wonders at relieving headaches, arthritis pain and minor pain. Feverfew is not only a natural pain killer but it has also been proven to stop headaches and migraines from creeping up. Anyone with headaches should try this alternative pain reliever.
  5. Frankincense is known for its ability to treat chronic inflammatory pain in conditions such as arthritis. This herb helps to greatly reduce pain associated with minor injuries as well.

Homeopathic pain killers are your safe option for reducing and even eliminating mild to chronic pain because they are non narcotic. Even though taking certain herbs may have some side effects for different people, those side effects are much less harmful than those you get from taking pharmaceutical drugs. As with anything, you should exercise caution and do your homework when deciding to take homeopathic pain killers.…

Walking Exercise Program (This is All You Need)

A walking exercise program is most definitely a viable way to lose weight (assuming you are following a quality diet). However, here is a great SPIN you can place on the average walking exercise program so that you may get the most of it.

1. Interval Training

It is funny how many people get scared off by the word "training". For some reason it seems to imply strenuous work that nobody really want to put up with. Interval training is NOT the worst thing in the world!

All you do in interval training is add short bursts of hard running into your daily walks. For example, as you are walking, burst in to a run and go for about 15 seconds. Many people believe they can go much longer than 15 seconds when they first do this.

They have MUCH different views after they actually do this! The time you are running is not important, so do not try making intervals longer by easing up on the running. The idea is that after walking for a bit (and being fairly warmed up), you burst into a hard run for a short period of time. Try and go as fast as you can for this short time period.

After about 15 second, ease up and start walking again. Repeat this process a few times as you are walking. The amount of calories you burn just from 45-60 seconds in total of hard running is amazing.

2. Take a Cold Shower

Once you get home from a walk have a shower. When you are finishing up, turn the water to the coldest and rinse under it for 45 seconds. This will put your body in a state of thermogenesis. In other words, your body will begin burning fat in order to create more heat.

This walking exercise program is the ONLY one you need to be successful. …